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Go Outside and Play with Fun Therapy Equipment

We all know how important it is to spend some time outdoors! Fresh air helps us get exercise, relax and clear the mind, so it’s a useful part of therapy and at-home play for children with special needs. Adaptive Mall is the best place to find outdoor special needs equipment and children’s physical therapy equipment for residential and institutional applications. These categories are jam-packed with fun, engaging special needs products that can aid in physical pursuits such as building muscle and improving balance while simultaneously bolstering social skills and cognitive development. It’s a win-win in the therapy department!

Outdoor Physical Therapy Equipment for Kids

Our pediatric therapy equipment first and foremost includes active therapy gear designed to get kids engaged, including special needs bikes, tricycles, balance bikes, swings and wheeling toys. Whether you want to teach balance and independence in the neighborhood with a balance bike or need professional therapy systems for your facility, Adaptive Mall has the best solutions available. Our online pediatric physical therapy equipment catalog caters to both parents and medical professionals, so you know you’re getting the best quality products.

In addition to fun and beneficial therapy equipment for play, we also have special needs supplies that make outdoor adventuring easier. We are one of the premier resources for special needs strollers and are happy to help you find the right all-terrain style for your outdoor adventures. We also offer some ADA compliant playground equipment that’s appropriate for installation in public parks and private outdoor play areas. Remember that our store is staffed by a team of physical and occupational therapists who can always assist you with your purchase if you need advice.

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  1. Jensen COMMERCIAL ADA Swing
    Jensen COMMERCIAL ADA Swing
    Payments of: $105.83
  2. Redbarn Enterprises Creepster Crawler
    Redbarn Enterprises Creepster Crawler
    Payments of: $90.66
  3. Kaye Products Scoot-About
    Kaye Products Scoot-About
    Sale Price $316.19 Regular Price $351.33
    Payments of: $52.70
  4. Tumble Forms Adjustable Crawler
    Tumble Forms Adjustable Crawler
    Payments of: $54.83
  5. Tumble Forms Jettmobile
    Tumble Forms Jettmobile
    Payments of: $115.66
  6. Tumble Forms Ready Racer
    Tumble Forms Ready Racer
    Sale Price $848.95 Regular Price $942.45
    Payments of: $141.49
  7. Tumble Forms T-Stool/Scooter Combination
    Tumble Forms T-Stool/Scooter Combination
    Sale Price $421.95 Regular Price $439.92
    Payments of: $70.33
  8. Tumble Forms Soft Top Round Scooter
    Tumble Forms Soft Top Round Scooter
    Payments of: $50.16
  9. Freedom Concepts Balance Bike
    Freedom Concepts Balance Bike
    Payments of: $725.00

Items 1-12 of 14

Set Descending Direction