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Hi Lo Chairs

The Best in Seating Versatility

When it comes to special needs seating, there's one thing that can't be oversold: versatility! Parents, kids and therapists need all-in-one solutions to meet the needs of many unique, day-to-day activities. Anything we can do to help minimize the amount of equipment needed (and the cost associated) is a win-win in the Adaptivemall.com book! For this reason, we love adjustable special needs chairs. The high-low chair (also spelled hi-low chair) is an excellent option for caregivers and parents who need adjustability, as it can be transformed from a table-height chair for eating and sensory exploration to a floor seat for circle time and group play.

Hi-low chairs come in a wide range of options, including styles with built-in trays for eating, reading, homework and crafts. Of course, if you want the best level of flexibility, it's best to choose an adjustable special needs chair with wheels. This provides the convenience of being able to employ your seat anywhere it's needed - the classroom, the dining room, the living room or the play room. We have all-in-one solutions as well as special needs seats and bases that can be mixed and matched for a truly versatile seating system. Make sure to consider the Special Tomato Hi-Low MPS for the most custom solution with extra versatility.

Sizing Your Hi-Low Chairs

One of the things that we're known for at Adaptivemall.com is providing one-on-one advice. With a team of dedicated therapists on hand, we will make sure you get the right size and type of seat for your child's specific needs. These chairs are made to order and customized to your child. For additional information or to get personalized sizing advice, please send us a size help request. This service is free and important to getting the perfect fit! Adaptivemall.com also has a wide range of accessories and extras for your adjustable seats, from a low table for floor seating to seating liners, so you can trust us for all of your seating-related needs!

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  1. Special Tomato Hi-Low MPS
    Special Tomato Hi-Low MPS
    Regular Price $3,614.29 $3,614.29
    Sale Price $2,742.80
  2. R82 Wombat Living Hi Low Chair
    R82 Wombat Living Hi Low Chair
    Regular Price $3,535.00 $3,535.00
    Sale Price $3,181.50
  3. Ormesa New Bug Special Needs Seating System
    Ormesa New Bug Seat
    Regular Price $2,600.00 $2,600.00
    Sale Price $1,989.00
  4. Rifton Hi/Lo Activity Chair
    Rifton Hi/Lo Activity Chair
    Regular Price $3,591.00 $3,591.00
    Sale Price $3,590.00
  5. Thomashilfen EASyS Modular S Push Chair
    Thomashilfen EASyS Modular S Push Chair
    Regular Price $4,147.00 $4,147.00
    Sale Price $3,524.95
  6. Leckey Mygo Seat
    Leckey Mygo Seat
    Regular Price $4,408.00 $4,408.00
    Sale Price $3,306.00
  7. Leckey Squiggles Seat
    Leckey Squiggles Seat
    Regular Price $4,472.00 $4,472.00
    Sale Price $3,354.00
  8. Leckey Everyday Activity Seat
    Leckey Everyday Activity Seat
    Regular Price $3,087.00 $3,087.00
    Sale Price $2,315.25
  9. R.E.A.L. Design Hi-Low Chair
    R.E.A.L. Design Hi-Low Chair
    Regular Price $2,100.00 $2,100.00
    Sale Price $1,978.95
  10. R.E.A.L. Design Updown Chair
    R.E.A.L. Design Updown Chair
    Regular Price $4,300.00 $4,300.00
    Sale Price $4,153.95

10 Items

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