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Corner Chairs & Tables

Circle Time and Floor Time with Hands Free for Play Just Got a Little Easier!

Corner Sitters are a classic piece of special needs equipment that have stood the test of time. When delays in a child’s development make it impossible for them to sit on the floor independently, a Corner Chair may be the perfect solution. Corner sitting provides a floor sitting option for children with mild to moderate postural needs who can sit with some support or by using their hands. A corner chair has a V-Shaped backrest providing not only back support but lateral (side) support. When a child has difficulty holding themselves upright while sitting, either due to muscle weakness or problems with balance and equilibrium, they can often benefit from more than back support alone. But a Corner Chair doesn’t do all the work. It provides intended postural challenges to help develop postural control. This is the foundation needed for fine motor skills. All the products offered here also have trays offering the perfect surface for tabletop activities as hands to midline is encouraged for participation in activities where both hands work together.

The corner sitter is specifically designed to support an upright, stable posture of the head, trunk and pelvis facilitating hands free for play. But it also provides the support needed to sit upright on the floor to encourage social interaction and communication with peers during floor time. Corner Floor Sitters can also provide the needed support for a child to long sit on the floor offering an opportunity for hamstring stretching.

Corner Chairs work great at Home or in the Classroom and Clinic

Adaptivemall.com brings you only the highest quality durable products from reputable manufacturers of adaptive equipment for special needs such as Special Tomato, Kaye Products and Leckey. If you are considering the purchase of Corner Sitter, checking in with your therapist is the best place to start. If you have further questions about the adaptive equipment you see on this page, reach out to us! Adaptivemall.com is staffed by physical and occupational therapists and intervention specialists who are happy to provide you with custom advice.

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  1. Kaye Corner Chair
    Kaye Corner Chair
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  2. R.E.A.L. Design LadyBug Corner Chair
    R.E.A.L. Design LadyBug Corner Chair
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    Sale Price $1,176.95
  3. Tumble Forms Universal Corner Chair
    Tumble Forms Universal Corner Chair
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3 Items

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