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Special Needs Standers for Physical and Cognitive Well-Being

Standing brings numerous benefits to your child’s physical and cognitive development, including the promotion of bone density, increased circulation and pressure and pain relief that could be caused by sitting all day. A special needs stander is an excellent tool to help children and adults with special needs — especially those who spend the majority of their time seated — and can encourage confidence and improved social skills. A pediatric stander offers many more benefits, so it’s definitely a worthy addition to your home or therapy equipment.

The Different Kinds of Special Needs Standers

Adult and pediatric standers come in a huge assortment of styles, with most types defined by their standing position. For example, prone standers keep children in a prone position to promote weight bearing throughout the legs and arms, with the supports against the belly. On the other hand, supine standers put children in the supine position by angling backwards, with support behind the child. You’ll find more information on these standers in the article Understanding Prone vs. Supine Standing, or you can contact us for more specific information. Vertical standers are another option for those who need an upright standing angle.

Some standers are adjustable so they can also be used as seats or can be adjusted to a wide variety of angles. If you need a stander that can also serve as a seat, then you will want to consider sit-to-stand standers. For even more versatility, choose one of our three-way standers that adjusts between prone, supine and vertical standing positions. Because there are so many different types of standers and sizing can be somewhat complicated, we always encourage parents and therapists to give us a call at 800-371-2778 for one-on-one advice.

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  1. Ki Squiggles + Stander
    Leckey Squiggles+ 3-in-1 Stander
    Regular Price $4,800.00 $4,800.00
    Sale Price $3,840.00
  2. EasyStand Zing Stander
    EasyStand Zing Stander
    Regular Price $2,956.00 $2,956.00
    Sale Price $2,896.00
  3. EasyStand Bantam - Extra Small & Small
    EasyStand Bantam - Extra Small & Small
    Regular Price $3,581.00 $3,581.00
    Sale Price $3,437.00
  4. EasyStand Bantam - Extra Small & Small Mobile
    EasyStand Bantam - Extra Small & Small Mobile
    Regular Price $5,375.00 $5,375.00
    Sale Price $4,998.00
  5. EasyStand Bantam - Medium
    EasyStand Bantam - Medium
    Regular Price $4,520.50 $4,520.50
    Sale Price $4,442.00
  6. Leckey Horizon Supine Stander
    Leckey Horizon Supine Stander
    Regular Price $5,744.00 $5,744.00
    Sale Price $4,308.00
  7. R82 Toucan
    R82 Toucan
    Regular Price $2,215.00 $2,215.00
    Sale Price $1,993.00
  8. R82 Meerkat
    R82 Meerkat
    Regular Price $2,010.00 $2,010.00
    Sale Price $1,809.00
  9. Ormesa Dondolino Stander
    Ormesa Dondolino Stander
    Regular Price $2,300.00 $2,300.00
    Sale Price $2,069.95
  10. TherAdapt Supine Stander
    TherAdapt Supine Stander
    Regular Price $1,486.96 $1,486.96
    Sale Price $1,338.26
  11. TherAdapt Prone Stander
    TherAdapt Prone Stander
    Regular Price $1,324.93 $1,324.93
    Sale Price $1,192.44
  12. TherAdapt Vertical Stander
    TherAdapt Vertical Stander
    Regular Price $1,218.82 $1,218.82
    Sale Price $1,096.94

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