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I Need Support Behind Me While Standing

Supine standers assist the user that needs to stand while leaning backwards by promoting therapy through a standing position with the weight bearing through the heels. Supine Stander equipment for special needs therapy places the user on their backs and the full-length support provides therapy and support. When users need therapy and support for their heads and/or trunks against gravity, supine standers are recommended.

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  1. EasyStand Zing MPS
    EasyStand Zing MPS
    Sale Price $2,375.65 Regular Price $2,589.00
    Payments of: $395.94
  2. EasyStand Bantam - Medium
    EasyStand Bantam - Medium
    Sale Price $3,417.85 Regular Price $3,705.00
    Payments of: $569.64
  3. Leckey Mygo Stander
    Leckey Mygo Stander
    Payments of: $570.21
  4. Leckey Squiggles Stander
    Leckey Squiggles Stander
    Payments of: $521.90
  5. Rifton Supine Stander
    Rifton Supine Stander
    Payments of: $473.33
  6. Leckey Horizon Supine Stander
    Leckey Horizon Supine Stander
    Payments of: $973.91
  7. TherAdapt Supine Stander
    TherAdapt Supine Stander
    Payments of: $223.16
  8. R82 Gazelle Stander
    R82 Gazelle Stander
    Payments of: $512.25
  9. Tumble Forms TriStander
    Tumble Forms TriStander
    Payments of: $524.99

10 Items

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