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Umbrella Style Strollers

Special Needs Umbrella Strollers to Take Anywhere

When it comes to getting from point A to point B, sometimes nothing is as valuable as portability. Our umbrella strollers for kids with special needs are unique in that they’re designed for spontaneity and on-the-go performance. They’re some of our most compact and travel-friendly adaptive strollers, allowing you to keep them in your trunk, garage or wherever you need so they can be employed quickly. But you won’t find an average umbrella stroller here — ours are all specifically engineered by parents and therapists for adaptive use.

Finding the Right Compact Umbrella Stroller

At, we can help you find the right type and size umbrella stroller. Toddler, child and big kid sizes are available to ensure that you get the perfect fit for your little one. So, which one do we recommend? The Maclaren Major Special Needs Stroller is very popular because it offers over-the-shoulder straps and has an attractive English design. Many people appreciate that it’s lightweight and easy to transport in the trunk of your car for trips around town or on vacation.

Simple, buggy-style foldable strollers are also offered for smaller children with mild to moderate levels of involvement. You’ll also appreciate special features, such as tilting designs and tie-down systems for bus transport. Browse all of our popular styles to learn more about the different features offered in each model.

We’re happy to recommend styles so that you find the perfect umbrella stroller. Maclaren, Special Tomato, Convaid and Ormesa are some of the top makers in the industry, and we’re pleased to offer a great selection by these brands. If you aren’t sure which one is best for you, reach out to us anytime and we’d be happy to provide personalized advice.

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  1. Convaid Metro Stroller
    Convaid Metro Stroller
  2. R82 Cricket Pushchair
    R82 Cricket Pushchair
  3. Convaid Cruiser Stroller
    Convaid Cruiser Stroller
  4. Convaid EZ Rider Stroller
    Convaid EZ Rider Stroller
  5. Convaid Convertible
    Convaid Convertible
  6. Convaid Safari Tilt
    Convaid Safari Tilt
  7. Convaid Cruiser Scout Stroller
    Convaid Cruiser Scout Stroller
  8. Maclaren Major Special Needs Stroller
    Maclaren Major Special Needs Stroller
  9. Special Tomato MPS with Push Chair
    Special Tomato MPS with Push Chair
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9 Items

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