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Tumble Forms

Tumble Forms is a brand of adaptive equipment designed specifically for children and adults with special needs. It has been a staple line of adaptive products for over 40 years! Its founder, Tim Bergeron, an industrial designer from upstate New York, was developing a company that designed products for children with special needs in the mid 1970’s when his daughter Carrie was born. Carrie was the fourth child in the Bergeron family and was born with Down Syndrome. Suddenly, the vision he held for his company became far more than that as he and his wife began to clearly understand through their own experiences the types of equipment Carrie needed, but could not get. With this as a motivating factor, Tim’s company Tumble Forms® quickly progressed from an idea to a reality.

Tim's take on products for the special needs market was different as his love for Carrie guided him. His products were softer and more comfortable than those on the market. They were more durable and offered in an array of vibrant colors aesthetically pleasing to parents and therapists. Thanks to Carrie, not only was this product line created, the a Carrie® Seat was developed just for her! And that wasn’t all. Tumble Forms line of products grew to include Floor Sitters, Corner Chairs, Bathroom Equipment, Standers, Scooters and more! Tumble Forms products with antimicrobial protection combine innovative design with superior craftsmanship to provide a high degree of durability, functionality, and attractiveness.

As Tumble Forms continued, Tim realized that the outer shell could be better. In 1988, Tim stepped away from Tumble Forms to branch out and find a different type of material that offered even greater comfort. Through trial and error, Tim created a new Soft-Touch® material and Special Tomato brand was born! This latex-free, peel and tear resistant material offered a built in anti-microbial protection and more comfort. By this time, Tim’s older children had grown and began contributing to the company. Carrie’s older sister Katie had become a pediatric physical therapist and through her education and practice recognized that the seat design could be improved upon to offer adjustable postural support that ensured proper alignment and promoted improved strength and endurance of the postural muscles This vision resulted in the Special Tomato Hi-Low Multi-Positioning Seat System!

Special Tomato, a very special product from a very special family that continues to work tirelessly with and for the special needs community.

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  1. Tumble Forms Platform Swing
    Tumble Forms Platform Swing
    Regular Price $482.82 $482.82
    Sale Price $395.95
  2. Tumble Forms Carrie Potty Seat
    Tumble Forms Carrie Potty Seat
    Regular Price $2,770.76 $2,770.76
    Sale Price $2,161.95
  3. Tumble Forms Carrie Seat
    Tumble Forms Carrie Seat
    Regular Price $2,985.78 $2,985.78
    Sale Price $2,383.95
  4. Tumble Forms Feeder Seat
    Tumble Forms Feeder Seat
    Regular Price $346.94 $346.94
    Sale Price $280.95
  5. Tumble Forms Feeder Seat Tray
    Tumble Forms Feeder Seat Tray
    Regular Price $1,020.44 $1,020.44
    Sale Price $791.95
  6. Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II Complete
    Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II Complete
    Regular Price $5,649.54 $5,649.54
    Sale Price $4,706.95
  7. Tumble Forms T-Stool/Scooter Combination
    Tumble Forms T-Stool/Scooter Combination
    Regular Price $624.36 $624.36
    Sale Price $505.95
  8. Tumble Forms Roll
    Tumble Forms Roll
    Regular Price $165.28 $165.28
    Sale Price $140.95
  9. Tumble Forms Raised Roll
    Tumble Forms Raised Roll
    Regular Price $100.10 $100.10
    Sale Price $75.95
  10. Tumble Forms Wedge
    Tumble Forms Wedge
    Regular Price $232.84 $232.84
    Sale Price $192.95
  11. Tumble Forms Strap Wedge
    Tumble Forms Strap Wedge
    Regular Price $420.10 $420.10
    Sale Price $336.95

Items 1-12 of 23

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