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Adult Bikes

Tricycles for Adults with Special Needs has a great selection of premium quality adult-sized special needs tricycles from leaders in the industry like Triaid, Freedom Concepts, and Rifton. Tricycles can be custom configured for riders with mild to significant need for additional support and assistance to help ensure their success with riding. Accessories abound to meet the rider’s specific needs.

Also able to accommodate adult riders is Freedom Concept’s Tandem Tricycle. An adaptive tricycle built for two, it offers everyone, individuals with special needs and their friends and family, the chance to get some exercise in the great outdoors. The rear driver pedals and steers the bike. The front rider contributes to pedaling as he or she is able. Even if they aren’t pedaling, the front rider can enjoy outdoor mobility and recreation. The Tandem is appropriate for front riders 7 years old and up. Front riders with mild to significant physical impairment can be safely accommodated. The Tandem is truly a bike for life. If it is purchased when a child is young and modifications are needed for growth of the front rider, the frame accommodates both child and adult size front rider seats. There is no need to replace the tricycle, just the seat. Adaptive bikes are powerful therapy tools that can help improve a rider’s strength, endurance, and coordination. They are also an extremely effective tool for promoting inclusion.

Cycling is Fun and Beneficial for All Ages!

Cycling, with the sense of freedom and fun it inspires, is a great form of recreation. But it is also a powerful therapy tool providing many therapeutic benefits.Cycling can help riders work towards goals like increasing range of motion and improving motor planning, reciprocal leg movement, strength, coordination, endurance, and more. Being able to ride is also a natural confidence builder and supports the development of self-esteem. The benefits can’t be overstated. At, we are here to help you find the right bicycle or tricycle for adults with disabilities, no matter your specific needs. Not sure which size or style is best? Reach out to us for advice!

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  1. Triaid TMX, Special Needs Tricycle
    Triaid TMX, Special Needs Tricycle
    Regular Price $1,893.00 $1,893.00
    Sale Price $1,821.95
  2. Freedom Concepts Adventurer
    Freedom Concepts Adventurer - AS2000 & AS2600
    Regular Price $4,995.00 $4,995.00
    Sale Price $4,495.50
  3. Tandem
    Freedom Concepts ET2611 Tandem
    Regular Price $8,250.00 $8,250.00
    Sale Price $7,425.00

4 Items

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