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Spry Flo-Form® Cushions

The founders of Spry entered the medical industry over 20 years ago with several successful businesses. Their goal has always been to introduce groundbreaking, affordable products into the healthcare industry without compromising high-quality or high-performance. The results are products that have raised standards of medical care in the US and Spry continues to stay far ahead of that learning curve today.

In realizing that their products had applications beyond hospital walls, they began to explore ways to bring their know-how to the consumer market. Today they are happy to include products that address the needs of individuals with special needs. Their unique moldable Flo-Form® pillows are presented here on as products that can be used for therapeutic positioning to provide support and pressure relief. The smallest pillow is also perfect to address sensory needs, stress relief and even hand strengthening!

Check out these Spry Products and their uses, you will not be disappointed! 

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  1. Spry Recovery Flat
    Spry Recovery Pillow
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    Sale Price $89.10
  2. Spry Sensory Stress Reliever
    Spry Sensory Stress Reliever
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2 Items

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