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Freedom, Fun and Function: Adaptive Tricycles

Cycling is fun for just about everyone and it provides wonderful recreational and social benefits. For adults and children who have physical limitations that don’t allow them to ride a bicycle, an adaptive tricycle may be the perfect solution. A special needs adaptive tricycle differs from commercially available tricycles because they are designed to provide extra support and assistance for sitting, pedaling and steering. Stable core postural alignment and support is key to allow the legs to pedal and the arms to steer. Adaptive tricycles also have features that enhance the caregiver’s ability to assist with forward motion and steering. has handpicked a variety of therapist-recommended tricycles from Freedom Concepts, Rifton and Triaid. All are designed for adults and children with special needs.

The Benefits of Special Needs Tricycles

Whether at home, at the therapy clinic or at school, adaptive tricycles have many therapeutic benefits. They can help riders work towards goals like increasing range of motion and improving motor planning, reciprocal leg movement, strength, coordination, endurance, and more. Being able to ride is also a natural confidence builder and supports the development of self-esteem.

Special needs tricycles come in a broad array of styles. Some have supportive features like high backed seats with chest harnesses, strapping to help keep feet on the pedals and a pulley system on the pedals to prevent the rider’s toes from pointing as they push down. Some models are far less complex and are better suited to riders who need only minimal assistance beyond what a commercially available bicycle offers. We even have special needs tandem trikes - check out the Freedom Concepts Tandem Tricycle to see what we mean - that can accommodate you (or another adult) as well as the rider. This is an awesome way to get out and see the world as a family or group.

12 Items

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  1. Triaid 2-in-1 Hitch & Tricycle
    Triaid 2-in-1 Hitch & Tricycle
    Regular Price $2,408.00 $2,408.00
    Sale Price $2,306.95
  2. Freedom Concepts Discovery Mini
    Freedom Concepts Discovery Mini
    Regular Price $3,795.00 $3,795.00
    Sale Price $3,415.50
  3. Discovery
    Freedom Concepts Discovery- DCP 12 & DCP 16
    Regular Price $4,075.00 $4,075.00
    Sale Price $3,667.50
  4. Tandem
    Freedom Concepts ET2611 Tandem
    Regular Price $7,480.00 $7,480.00
    Sale Price $6,732.00
  5. Triaid Imp, Special Needs Tricycle
    Triaid Imp, Special Needs Tricycle
    Regular Price $1,568.00 $1,568.00
    Sale Price $1,511.95
  6. Triaid Terrier, Special Needs Tricycle
    Triaid Terrier, Special Needs Tricycle
    Regular Price $1,763.00 $1,763.00
    Sale Price $1,700.95
  7. Triaid TMX, Special Needs Tricycle
    Triaid TMX, Special Needs Tricycle
    Regular Price $1,893.00 $1,893.00
    Sale Price $1,821.95
  8. AmTryke 12in. SMALL Special Needs Tricycle
    AmTryke 12in. SMALL Special Needs Tricycle
    Regular Price $1,126.32 $1,126.32
    Sale Price $1,065.95
  9. AmTryke ProSeries Model AmTryke (1416)
    AmTryke ProSeries Model AmTryke (1416)
    Regular Price $1,341.95 $1,341.95
    Sale Price $1,340.95

12 Items

Set Descending Direction