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Indoor and Outdoor Special Needs Swings

Swinging is fun, but did you know it is also therapeutic? This can be especially true for people with special needs. Swinging supports brain development by providing vestibular and proprioceptive input which helps to develop body awareness and motor planning. This is important during development especially in early childhood. For people who have sensory differences commonly found in sensory processing disorder, autism and ADHD, swinging can be even more important. Therapy swings are consistently recommended by therapists, educators, and parents for just this reason. In fact, special needs swings can help improve balance, coordination, mood and decrease hyperactivity, helping kids channel their energy into constructive play and learning! is the perfect place to find a special needs swing that suits your child's unique needs, with styles for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you're looking for an indoor therapy swing, Tumble Forms is a great brand to consider. Swings are typically suspended from one point or two. A swing suspended from two points will allow movement back and forth. A swing suspended from a single point will allow multidirectional movement and even spinning. When purchasing an indoor therapeutic swing frame you may have both options.

ADA Compliant Swings

We also offer ADA swings. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant swings meet accessibility requirements for people with special needs both at home and for commercial applications, including in public play areas. Jensen brand swings are ADA compliant and can be reclined to adapt to any user's unique needs. Note that ADA swings do not come with the frame or harness, but you can add them as optional accessories if desired. If you have any questions about these products, we'd welcome the opportunity to help you choose the right special needs play equipment for your child! 1-800-371-2778

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  1. Jensen RESIDENTIAL ADA Swing
    Jensen RESIDENTIAL ADA Swing
    Regular Price $1,156.75 $1,156.75
    Sale Price $955.95
  2. Jensen COMMERCIAL ADA Swing
    Jensen COMMERCIAL ADA Swing
    Regular Price $1,450.13 $1,450.13
    Sale Price $1,097.95
  3. Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II Complete
    Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II Complete
    Regular Price $5,649.54 $5,649.54
    Sale Price $4,706.95
  4. Tumble Forms Prone Net Swing
    Tumble Forms Prone Net Swing
    Regular Price $244.70 $244.70
    Sale Price $198.95
  5. Tumble Forms TWO Vestibulator 30" Ropes with 2 Ascenders and 2 Carabiners
    Tumble Forms TWO Vestibulator 30" Ropes with 2 Ascenders and 2 Carabiners
    Regular Price $736.42 $736.42
    Sale Price $576.95

6 Items

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