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Tilt In Space ONLY Strollers

Special Needs Strollers with Tilt-in-Space

What does it mean when an adaptive stroller, push chair or wheelchair has a tilt-in-space feature? The tilt-in-space function tips the whole seat backwards or forwards keeping the angle at the hip the same. A recline function, on the other hand, moves only the seat back and changes the angle of flexion (bending) at the hip. As the backrest reclines, the hip angle opens making it greater than 90⁰.

The tilt-in-space feature is especially important to consider if your child has abnormal muscle tone. If your child tends to arch into extension, a very important part of managing this is by maintaining the 90⁰ angle at their hips, knees, and ankles to “break up” or weaken this pattern. Also, lots of kids benefit from the having their seats tilted back as their caregivers work on positioning their hips back in the chair prior to fastening the hip belt. Kids also need to be tilted back when they fatigue or need changes to pressure exerted on weight bearing surfaces. The tilt-in-space feature tips the whole seating system back within the stroller frame accomplishing changes to the pull of gravity on the seated posture without changing critical hip, knee, and ankle positions.

Finding the Right Tilt-in-Space Adaptive Mobility Equipment

Shopping for an adaptive stroller, push chair or wheelchair that includes the tilt-in-space feature will still lead you to a variety of options. Choosing the best stroller to meet your needs can be complicated but not if you have an understanding of some basic information. And always remember we’re here to help! Reach out to us for advice on sizing questions and anything else you may need help with!

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