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I Need Help in the BATHROOM...

Durable Adaptive Equipment for the Bathroom

Bathing and hygiene are important parts of everyday life, but they're also the aspects that seem to be the least hospitable to people with special needs. Thankfully, there are some unique, well-designed bathing, toileting and transferring systems that make bathing and bathroom breaks safer, quicker and more comfortable for your child. categorizes our special needs bathroom equipment by location - shop equipment for the shower, bathtub and toilet in this broad selection. Our team is staffed by therapists who are always on hand to assist you with your purchase and provide specialized insight.

You'll need safe, secure ways to bathe your child either in the shower or the bath tub. Often, this is accomplished with a special needs bath chair. We have styles that are designed for safe bathing in the bathtub or shower, providing easy positioning and adjustment to accommodate any bathing need. These chairs are made of durable, waterproof materials and have built-in supports for safety and comfort. Note that there are some special needs chairs for shower and tub use, so make sure to explore that category if you need the versatility for both.

Versatile Special Needs Bathroom Systems

We also have adaptable chairs that can be used for bathing and toileting. Often called hygiene and toileting systems, these units provide positions and features designed for all sorts of bathroom needs, including toileting and showering. is also a great resource for safe special needs transferring systems for children with more severe disabilities. These systems often have multiple functions and can be used for toileting, bathing and transferring, and provide a secure way to transition between each activity. As you can see, there's a solution here for nearly every bathroom need!