Our selection of special needs stroller and pushchairs are designed specifically for children who have special needs.We offer special needs strollers that cover the full spectrum special needs products in respect to function and cost.

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We categorize our special needs stroller section into eleven primary areas to cover the different special needs product uses. These are:
  • All-Terrain Strollers that have been selected allow for the ultimate special needs products in adventure and freedom to explore!
  • Bus Transport Strollers offer you the perfect special needs equipment for transporting to therapy or school.
  • Car Seat Strollers products have a dual purpose, as a Special Needs Car Seat and as a positioning stroller or push chair used in the home or school.
  • Hi Lo Strollers allow for quick adjustments of the seat height to accommodate floor play therapy, different table heights or other special needs equipment, like trays.
  • Light-Weight Strollers offer on-the-go special needs equipment that is easy on the care-giver to lift while still providing adaptive positioning for the user.
  • Stroller Style Pushchairs include all special needs style strollers from high-end Convaid strollers to special needs product-combination strollers like the Special Tomato MPS Push Chair Kit and the Columbia Medical Car Seat Stroller.
  • Tilt In Space AND Recline Strollers offer more special needs therapy positioning options for individuals with more adaptive positioning support needs through both Tilt In Space and Recline features.
  • Recline ONLY Strollers offers rest to the body from sitting upright while opening up the hip angle.
  • Tilt In Space ONLY Strollers offers rest to the body from sitting upright while keeping the hip angle the same.
  • Umbrella Style Strollers are special needs products designed specifically to fold up to a compact size for convenience. The Maclaren special needs stroller and many of the Convaid special needs strollers fit into this category.
  • EZ Access Ramps are used for transferring the special needs strollers or pushchairs into a vehicle or up steps. They are specially designed to fit special needs equipment.
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