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Special Needs Adaptive Strollers, Push Chairs and Pediatric Wheelchairs

First, what’s the difference? All these mobility products are different from commercially available baby strollers because they are designed specifically for individuals with special needs. They provide more postural support and more features to help keep the rider in proper postural alignment. They often offer accessories to accommodate medical equipment that is necessary for the rider’s medical care such as oxygen tank holders and ventilator trays. Safety features are generally enhanced, and the products are customizable to meet individual needs. The terms Adaptive Stroller, Push Chair, and Pediatric Wheelchair are somewhat interchangeable. However, it is only recently that the term pediatric wheelchair has started to be used for this type of mobility equipment. This is largely due to changes in durable medical equipment coding for reimbursement. In the past the term wheelchair has been reserved for mobility equipment that could be self-propelled by the user in addition to pushed by the caregiver.

Choosing the Right Adaptive Mobility Equipment

This can be a complex and time-consuming process unless you have been armed with some very basic information. Stroller Style Push Chairs, All-Terrain Strollers, Jogging Strollers, Lightweight Travel Strollers, and that’s just the beginning. Understanding How a Stroller Folds is also important. And then of course, understanding the features of Tilt-in-Space and Recline. Adaptive strollers and push chairs are not just for children. They can also be very helpful for adults who are either unable to walk or whose ability to walk is so limited they sometimes require a ride for longer distances. A lot to consider, but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

At, our team of therapists carefully select what we assess to be the highest quality, most durable, and versatile products on the market today. All are from leading manufacturers of special needs equipment made in the USA and around the world. Most have several decades of experience manufacturing adaptive equipment. The best part is the same therapists who select these products are on hand to help answer questions and guide you toward the equipment to meet your individual needs.

Reach out to us!!

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  1. Special Tomato Jogger (Free Medical Necessity Bag)
    Special Tomato Jogger (Free Medical Necessity Bag)
    Regular Price $1,517.24 $1,517.24
    Sale Price $799.95
  2. Special Tomato EIO Push Chair
    Special Tomato EIO Push Chair
    Regular Price $1,338.99 $1,338.99
    Sale Price $699.95
  3. Convaid Cruiser Scout Stroller
    Convaid Cruiser Scout Stroller
    Regular Price $2,815.00 $2,815.00
    Sale Price $2,533.50
  4. Convaid EZ Rider Stroller
    Convaid EZ Rider Stroller
    Regular Price $1,990.00 $1,990.00
    Sale Price $1,791.00
  5. Convaid Cruiser Stroller
    Convaid Cruiser Stroller
    Regular Price $2,015.00 $2,015.00
    Sale Price $1,813.50
  6. Convaid Rodeo Tilt
    Convaid Rodeo Tilt
    Regular Price $2,638.00 $2,638.00
    Sale Price $2,374.20
  7. Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair
    Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair
    Regular Price $1,888.99 $1,888.99
    Sale Price $1,569.99
  8. R82 Stingray
    R82 Stingray
    Regular Price $4,811.00 $4,811.00
    Sale Price $4,329.90
  9. Leggero Dyno
    Leggero Dyno
    Regular Price $3,587.00 $3,587.00
    Sale Price $2,869.75
  10. Leggero Trak
    Leggero Trak
    Regular Price $3,681.00 $3,681.00
    Sale Price $2,944.95
  11. Leggero Reach
    Leggero Reach
    Regular Price $3,400.00 $3,400.00
    Sale Price $2,720.70

Items 1-12 of 30

Set Descending Direction