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Bus Transport

All Aboard: Special Needs Bus Strollers

Traveling on school buses or city buses is a universal experience and is often necessary whether you’re heading to school, work or appointments. Children and adults with special needs are no different but considerations for their safety during travel are different. In fact, there are special standards - known as the ANSI/RESNA WC19 Regulations - which set forth stringent rules regarding the hardware required for the tie down process, the strength of restraint straps and buckles and head rest requirements. At, we have put together a large selection of wheelchairs, pushchairs and strollers that have been designed specifically for safe travel on a bus. All are crash-tested and have met or exceeded the WC19 Safety Standards.

WC19 compliant adaptive strollers come in a wide range of styles from lightweight, folding pushchairs with minimal built-in postural support to deluxe, versatile, multi-position special needs seating systems with a mobile stroller base. Seating systems can provide full body support for comfort and security on all day adventures including bus rides. Some of our most popular transit pushchairs are offered by Convaid and include the Cruiser and the Rodeo.

Finding the Right Adaptive Stroller for the Bus

Adaptive transportation equipment can be overwhelming. When you’re looking for a product that checks all the boxes for safety, necessary postural support, position changes, and caregiver ease of use and convenience you’ll be happy to know that experienced help is available. At we are well known for our experienced customer service experts, some of whom quite literally are a part of the founding family. We care, we understand and we are ready and willing to help. We recommend reaching out to us for customized advice, sizing help and anything else you may need!

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  1. Convaid Cruiser Scout Stroller
    Convaid Cruiser Scout Stroller
    Regular Price $2,815.00 $2,815.00
    Sale Price $2,533.50
  2. Convaid Safari Tilt
    Convaid Safari Tilt
    Regular Price $3,050.00 $3,050.00
    Sale Price $2,745.00
  3. Convaid EZ Rider Stroller
    Convaid EZ Rider Stroller
    Regular Price $1,990.00 $1,990.00
    Sale Price $1,791.00
  4. Convaid Cruiser Stroller
    Convaid Cruiser Stroller
    Regular Price $2,015.00 $2,015.00
    Sale Price $1,813.50
  5. Convaid Rodeo Tilt
    Convaid Rodeo Tilt
    Regular Price $2,638.00 $2,638.00
    Sale Price $2,374.20
  6. R82 Cricket Pushchair
    R82 Cricket Pushchair
    Regular Price $2,044.00 $2,044.00
    Sale Price $1,839.60
  7. Leggero Dyno
    Leggero Dyno
    Regular Price $3,587.00 $3,587.00
    Sale Price $2,869.80
  8. Leggero Trak
    Leggero Trak
    Regular Price $3,681.00 $3,681.00
    Sale Price $2,944.90
  9. Leggero Reach
    Leggero Reach
    Regular Price $3,056.00 $3,056.00
    Sale Price $2,444.90
  10. Thomashilfen Swifty Stroller
    Thomashilfen Swifty Stroller
    Regular Price $2,545.00 $2,545.00
    Sale Price $2,417.75
  11. Thomashilfen EASyS Advantage Stroller
    Thomashilfen EASyS Advantage Stroller
    Regular Price $4,714.00 $4,714.00
    Sale Price $4,478.30
  12. Thomashilfen tRide Stroller
    Thomashilfen tRide Stroller
    Regular Price $3,876.00 $3,876.00
    Sale Price $3,682.20

Items 1-12 of 13

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