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Freedom Concepts

At Freedom Concepts Inc, “Creating a Cycle of Mobility” is more than a tagline. It’s the idea that fuels every product design. Because at Freedom Concepts, they know that mobility ultimately provides freedom. Working closely with families, therapists and  medical professionals each product is designed to be therapeutic as well as recreational and fun. Carefully handcrafted with pride, quality, and ingenuity the products at Freedom Concepts range from adaptive tricycles to seating and positioning products, to products that inspire creative movement during play. 

Freedom Concepts offers several different models and sizes of Adaptive Tricycles including a Tandem Tricycle. The Tandem Tricycle is built for two! It offers everyone, individuals with special needs and their friends and family, the chance to get some exercise in the great outdoors. The rear driver propels and steers the bike. The front rider contributes to propulsion of the tricycle as they are able. Even if they aren’t pedaling, the front rider can enjoy inclusion in outdoor mobility. 

Freedom Concepts’ Chill-Out Chairs offer a great place to find freedom from rigid positioning devices and wheelchairs. Comfortable and supportive, Chill-Out Chairs are built using a combination of high-grade foams. The Rock’er and The Roll’er have a patented deep “V” design which provides light pressure to the individual as they are “hugged” in place. This helps facilitate relaxation and eliminates the need for straps or a harness.  

A new addition to the Freedom Concepts family of products is the Snugglesaurus. Designed for children in early childhood, applications for use in Early Intervention Programs abound for positioning and creative movement exploration. Another great product, the Freedom Climber can be set up in all sorts for ways to work on strength, coordination, motor planning and balance.

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  1. Freedom Concepts Snugglesaurus
    Freedom Concepts Snugglesaurus
    Regular Price $250.00 $250.00
    Sale Price $225.00
  2. Freedom Concepts Discovery Mini
    Freedom Concepts Discovery Mini
    Regular Price $4,000.00 $4,000.00
    Sale Price $3,600.00
  3. Discovery
    Freedom Concepts Discovery- DCP 12 & DCP 16
    Regular Price $4,290.00 $4,290.00
    Sale Price $3,861.00
  4. Freedom Concepts Adventurer
    Freedom Concepts Adventurer - AS2000 & AS2600
    Regular Price $4,995.00 $4,995.00
    Sale Price $4,495.50
  5. Tandem
    Freedom Concepts ET2611 Tandem
    Regular Price $8,250.00 $8,250.00
    Sale Price $7,425.00
  6. Freedom Concepts Chill-Out Chair Rock'er
    Freedom Concepts Chill-Out Chair Rock'er
    Regular Price $2,440.00 $2,440.00
    Sale Price $1,952.00
  7. Freedom Concepts Chill-Out Chair Roll'er
    Freedom Concepts Chill-Out Chair Roll'er
    Regular Price $2,940.00 $2,940.00
    Sale Price $2,352.00
  8. Freedom Concepts Freedom Climber
    Freedom Concepts Freedom Climber
    Regular Price $460.00 $460.00
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8 Items

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