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Freedom Concepts ET2611 Tandem


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Product Description

The Freedom Concepts ET2611 Tandem is an adaptive tricycle built for two! It offers everyone, individuals with special needs and their friends and family, the chance to get some exercise in the great outdoors. The Rear Driver propels and steers the bike. The Front Rider contributes to propulsion of the tricycle as he or she is able. Even if they aren’t pedaling, the Front Rider can enjoy outdoor mobility and inclusion in the fun of outdoor recreation. The Tandem is appropriate for Front Riders 7 years old and up. Front Riders with mild to significant physical impairment can be safely accommodated. The Tandem is truly a bike for life. If it is purchased when a child is young and modifications are needed for growth of the Front Rider, the frame accommodates both child and adult size Front Rider seats. There is no need to replace the tricycle, just the seat. Adaptive bikes are powerful therapy tools that can help improve a rider’s strength, endurance, and coordination. They are also an extremely effective tool for promoting inclusion. There are Quick Release Mechanisms on all adjustable parts. Bike components can be moved out of the way for the Front Rider’s transfer on and off the bike. Quick Release Mechanisms are also used to easily adjust for Front Rider’s growth. As the customer, you will be given many choices to create a Front Seating System that offers just the right amount of support for the Front Rider to experience the freedom of cycling and reap its many health benefits- improving/ maintaining range of motion, improving circulation, reinforcing reciprocal leg motion, and improving overall mobility.

This page will help guide you through the process of ordering the ET2611 Tandem. The Critical Measurement for configuring the Tandem is the Front Rider’s Inseam Measurement. The Inseam Measurement is the distance between the bottom of the rider’s heel to the top of the rider’s inner thigh. Inseam Measurement Range of the Front Rider must be in the range of 16in.- 30in.

Standard Features for the Rear Driver are: Mountain Pedals with Toe Cage, 6in. Alloy Crank Arm, Mountain Bike Style Handlebars, Cable Actuated Rear Steering, Nexus 8-Speed Free Wheel Gearing with Twist Grip Shifter, Switch to Control REC Drive (engagement and speed of Front Rider’s Pedals), Rear Disc and Front Vee Hand Brakes. Please Note: The Regular Seat Post on the Rear Rider Seat accommodates an inseam range of 28in.-38in. The Tall Seat Post accommodates an inseam range of 33in.-41in.

Front Rider Seating System

In Required Step 1 you will select the components of the Seating System for the Front Rider. You will choose between a Child Seat and an Adult Seat and either a High Back or a Low Back. Please refer to Photo Gallery under Main Product Image for pictures of seat choices, both style and size, including a measurement chart. All Seats come with an Adjustable Lap Belt with Side Release Buckle to secure the rider in place. All High Back Seats also come with an Adjustable Chest Strap with Side Release Buckle.

Seat Styles include:

  • Standard Child or Adult Seat which offers the fit and function required for most riders.
  • Pommel Seat has a 2in. raised pommel which helps to keep the rider further back on the seat (discourages sliding forward) while promoting leg abduction (moving legs away from midline). This seat promotes greater stability of the seated posture.
  • Narrow Seat has a slightly narrower nose of the seat to aid with leg clearance during pedaling.
  • Narrow Pommel Seat combines the features of the Pommel Seat and the Narrow Seat with a 2in. raised pommel and a slightly narrower nose of the seat.

If you have chosen a tricycle with a High Back, you will also be able to add a Headrest. Headrests are available in 2 styles: Adjustable and Adjustable with Occiput Support Cushion. The Adjustable Headrest extends the seat back height an additional 7in. and allows the entire upper body to be supported. It is easily removed. The Adjustable Headrest with an Occiput Support Cushion provides additional neck support for the rider. The cushion is attached with Velcro and can be removed or adjusted as required.

Front Rider Handlebars (Required Step 4) are attached to the U Bar. A Quick Release Lever allows the handlebars to be moved out of the way during transfers. The lever also allows the handlebars to be adjusted for different arm lengths. Choices of Handlebars include: Standard Hoop Handlebars, Enclosed Hoop, and High Rise Handlebars. The Standard Hoop Handlebars are adjustable across 3 planes of movement. This facilitates accommodation of any upper extremity positioning needs. The right and left sides of the hoop are adjusted independently from one another. Please refer to Photo Gallery under Main Product Image for pictures.

Steering- Cable-Actuated Rear Steering allows the Rear Driver to make precise maneuvers and accurate turns. The Front Rider does not have control over steering the direction of the tricycle.

Standard on all Freedom Concepts Bikes is a Manual Parking/ Transfer Brake located on the right rear wheel. This brake should always be engaged when transferring riders on and off the bike. The ET2611 Tandem also comes standard with 2 Handbrakes. The Front Vee Brake is positioned on the Rear Rider’s Left Handlebar. The Rear Disk Brake is positioned on the Rear Rider’s Right Handlebar.

Rec Drive Propulsion Switch allows the Rear Driver to control the Front Rider’s Pedal Speed. Changes can be made to the Pedal Speed of the Front Rider while the Tandem Tricycle is moving. The Front Rider’s pedal speed can be set to match the Rear Rider’s Pedal Speed (1:1) OR the Front Rider’s pedal speed can be set at half of the Rear Rider’s Pedal Speed. There is also a Neutral Setting on the Rec Drive. When in this setting, the Front Rider’s pedals are disengaged from the Rear Rider’s pedals. The Front Rider can still move the pedals, but they will not contribute to the propulsion of the bike.

In Required Step 4- You will also be given the opportunity to purchase an Electric Assist Motor This is especially helpful for pedaling up hills and biking for longer distances. The Electric Assist Motor is controlled by the Rear Driver. Mounting the Electric Assist Motor requires the Rear Platform which will automatically be added if you purchase the motor. Otherwise you will choose to remain only with the standard Nexus 8 Speed for the Rear Rider.

Tires on the ET2611 Tandem are Street Pneumatic Tires.

Pedal Style/ Footplates for the Front Rider (Required Step 5)- Helping riders with special needs to keep their feet securely on the pedals can be an issue. Several styles of pedals/ footplates are offered to ensure success.

  • Mountain Pedal with Toe Cage- This pedal is offered in one size. Mountain Pedals are recommended for riders that have some control over their foot placement and are most effective for individuals with high muscle tone who tend to point their toes when exerting pressure on the pedal.
  • Neoprene Adjustable Footplates- The Neoprene Adjustable Footplate is offered in 3 sizes. The Neoprene material used to create the heel cup is flexible. There are 2 straps on this footplate. The ankle strap has a side release buckle closure. The strap across the foot has a Velcro closure. This footplate offers a quick and easy way to maintain proper positioning and pedal pressure and is recommended for children with low muscle tone. SIZES- Small 4in. x 7in.; Medium 4.5in. x 10in.; Large 5in. x 11.5in.; XLarge 6in. x 12in.
  • Molded ABS Footplates- Molded ABS Footplates have a rigid plastic heel cup and 2 straps to secure the rider’s foot to the pedal. The heel cup helps the rider to generate force when the pedaling. The ankle strap has a side release buckle closure. The strap across the foot has a Velcro closure. This Footplate is designed to provide precise positioning for children with spasticity and helps with knee flexion and alignment of the leg. SIZES- Small 3in. x 7in.; Medium 3in. x 10.75in.; Large 3in. x 11.5in.; XLarge 4in. x 13in.
  • Molded ABS with Ratcheting Straps-This is the best option if you are looking for maximum support to keep the rider’s feet in position. This foot plate is designed for those riders whose foot seems to pull away from the pedal no matter how you have attempted to secure it. It has the rigid plastic heel cup with ratchet straps at the ankle and over the foot. This footplate is recommended for children with plantar flexion (toe points downward.) SIZES- Small 3in. x 7in.; Medium 3in. x 10.75in.; Large 3in. x 11.5in.; XLarge 4in. x 13in.
  • Pulley Strings- Pulley Strings attach to the pedals of the bike to help keep pedals level. Please refer to Photo Gallery under Main Product Image for picture. Front Pulley assists are appropriate for riders who tend to point their toes while pedaling (foot moves into plantar flexion). The Rear Pulley helps self-level the pedal.
  • Leg support (Brace)- If the rider requires support to assist with alignment of one or both legs, a Leg Support Brace can be attached to a Foot Plate with Molded ABS Heel Cup ONLY. Leg Support can be added to one or both pedals. Calf Circumference Measurement is required. If the rider plans to wear an AFO in addition to having the Leg Support on the Foot Plate, the Calf Circumference Measurement should be made when the AFO is in place. Leg Supports require use of the Rear Pulley System which will be included if a Leg Support is ordered.

Bells, Horns and Decals (Required Step 6)- All Tandem bikes come standard with a Bell, a Horn and Decals. Bells are offered in several colors. Squeaky Horns are offered in many different animal shapes. Please refer to Photo Gallery under Main Product Image for pictures of Decal choice (Racer, Hibiscus). The tricycle also comes standard with a Safety Flag and Wheel Reflectors.

Crank Arm Length for Front Rider (Required Step 7)- The Crank Arm is the lever that the pedal is attached to. The 4in. Alloy Crank Arm comes Standard with the Tandem ET2611 but a 3in. and 5in. Alloy Crank Arm is also available. If the Front Rider would benefit from a shorter Crank Arm Length on one side or both, a Crank Arm Length Shortener is available and will reduce the length of the Crank Arm by .5 in.

Is this Product Right for You?

  • Perfect solution for two riders!
  • Accommodates Front Riders age 7 and up!
  • Appropriate for Front Riders with mild to significant physical limitations
  • Front Rider’s Inseam Measurement must be between 16in. and 30 in.
  • Max Load Combined is 400lbs.
  • A Tandem bike for life with Child and Adult Front Seating System fitting into the same frame.
  • Questions? Our therapists can help you with a proper fit. To start please click SIZING HELP and complete a simple form, or call us toll free at (800) 371-2778

Freedom Concepts Excursion Series ET2611 Tandem Includes:

  • Stable 3-Wheel Frame Design with Tandem Style 2-Seat Setup
  • Quick Release Mechanisms on all adjustable parts
  • Low Cross Bar for Ease of Transfers
  • Shock Absorbing Front Suspension Fork
  • 26in. Street Pneumatic Tires
  • Chain Guard
  • Front Rider Seating System with many Support Options
  • Your Choice of Size and Style for Front Seat Base and Seat Back
  • Front Seat Adjustable Lap Belt
  • Your Choice of Front Seat Handlebar
  • Parking Brake
  • Cable Actuated Rear Steering
  • Your Choice of Front Rider Pedal Style
  • Many choices for Frame Color
  • Your choice of Decals, Bell, and Squeaky Horn
  • Safety Flag and Wheel Reflectors
  • Multi-Tool

Standard Rear Rider Features:

  • Mountain Pedals with Toe Cage
  • Nexus 8-Speed Gearing with Twist Grip Shifter
  • 2 Hand Brakes- Front Vee Brake and Rear Disk Brake
  • 6” Alloy Crank Arm
  • Mountain Bike-Style Handlebars
  • Control of REC Drive for Front Rider

Click here to view Freedom Concepts Owner’s Manual!

Size Chart
ET2611 Tandem
Technical Specifications
Front Rider Age
Front Rider Inseam
(40.6-76.2 cm)
Max Load (lbs)
400 lbs.
(181.4 kg)
Bike Weight
85 lbs.
(38.6 kg)
Excludes Seat
Frame Height
(without seat, steering
column folded down)
38" (96.5 cm)
Total Length
101” (256.5 cm)
Bike Width
39” (99.1 cm)
Step-Through Height
17” (43.2 cm)
Wheel Size
26" (66.1 cm)
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