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Therapeutic Benefits to Bikes

Play opportunities are important for everyone, including children and adults with special needs. The literature and research on play show that it is good for physical, emotional, social and cognitive function. Adaptive tricycles help remove a potential barrier to play and social interaction with siblings, peers and family members.

Many of us recall the feeling of freedom when we first learned to ride a bike. As we picked up speed without falling, there was a feeling of confidence and achievement. Individuals with special needs experience the same joy and validation when they experience the mobility offered by an adaptive tricycle.

Brooklyn shows in this video the exuberating experience of riding a tricycle!

Mariel shows that riding a tricycle indoors can be fun too!

While adaptive tricycles provide recreational and social benefits, they also help individuals achieve therapeutic goals like increased range of motion, motor planning, reciprocal leg movement, strength, coordination, endurance and fitness. Developmental psychologist, Jean Piaget, emphasized the therapeutic benefits of play and said that “play is a child’s work.” Adaptive tricycles offer the best of both worlds…fun and purpose!

With Patience and Understanding,