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Foot & Hand Cycles

Hand & Foot Tricycles – What are the Benefits?

Foot & Hand Cycles are a great option for a wide range of children with special needs and their typically developing peers! They are designed to build strength, endurance and coordination. Some children with generalized weakness are not strong enough to pedal a tricycle with their feet alone. By adding in pedaling with their arms, many riders can generate the force required to move the tricycle forward independently for the first time. The Foot & Hand Tricycles are designed to encourage reciprocal movement patterns of both the arms and the legs, and they naturally help improve core stability. They can also be used to increase functional range of motion. Kids who have plenty of strength and endurance but struggle with motor planning issues will find this novel activity rewarding and so will their therapists who strive for unique therapeutic activities to keep their students engaged. These Foot & Hand Cycles are configured to be tricycles which eliminates the need for the user to be able to balance on a bike with two wheels.

AmTryke is a brand of pediatric adaptive tricycles designed specifically for children with special needs. Seating options and accessories are provided to meet individual needs for postural support and assistance with maintaining the rider’s feet on the pedals. The AmTryke special needs tricycles were originally designed to provide children with physical limitations a tricycle that would build self-esteem, improve muscle development, and allow them the chance to experience the fun of riding. Note: Amtryke can permanently alter all Hand & Foot Amtryke models by installing a foot platform, converting them to a Hand Tricycle ONLY.

Proper Sizing of the Hand and Foot Tricycle

Choosing the appropriate size AmTryke special needs tricycle for a child is easy. Simply measure the child’s inseam and compare it to the given ranges for each tricycle. If you still have questions, we have an experienced OT and PT on staff to help you find the right size. To start please click SIZING HELP and complete a simple form, or call us toll free at (800) 371-2778. Please remember to include the inseam measurement.

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    AmTryke 12in. SMALL Special Needs Tricycle
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