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Having Fun with Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

Balance problems are quite common for children and adults with special needs. Many body systems, including muscles, bones, joints, vision, the inner ear, and the nervous system must work together in a well-coordinated manner to ensure functional balance when we are still (static) and moving (dynamic). In recent years, our understanding of the brain and nervous system and how it acts as a central control for coordinating the many factors that affect balance has taken great strides forward. This has allowed Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation to become more focused and effective. Adaptive Equipment can provide the tools and materials for creative activities to make therapeutic intervention for balance and vestibular rehabilitation effective and enjoyable. If you’re looking for Balance Bikes, Stepping Stones, Balance Beams, Therapy Balls, or products to create an obstacle course, you will find them all 1at

Better Balance is just a Few Steps Away!

The number of products available on the market today that offer solutions to challenging problems can be overwhelming. Checking in with your therapist is always the best place to start. If you have further questions about the adaptive equipment, games and toys to help improve balance, we’re here to help! is staffed by physical and occupational therapists and intervention specialists who are happy to provide you with custom advice. All adaptive equipment choices have been handpicked and recommended by therapists and families with special needs children. This equipment is appropriate for but not limited to children with diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Gross Motor Delay, Spina Bifida, Autism, and Traumatic Brain Injury.

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  1. Freedom Concepts Snugglesaurus
    Freedom Concepts Snugglesaurus
    Regular Price $250.00 $250.00
    Sale Price $225.00
  2. Strider 14x Balance Bike
    Strider 14x Balance Bike
    Regular Price $219.99 $219.99
    Sale Price $209.99
  3. Strider 12 No-Pedal Balance Bike
    Strider 12 No-Pedal Balance Bike
    Regular Price $139.99 $139.99
    Sale Price $129.99
  4. Bike USA Stabilizer Wheels
    Bike USA Stabilizer Wheels
    Sale Price $199.99
  5. Tumble Forms Roll
    Tumble Forms Roll
    Regular Price $165.28 $165.28
    Sale Price $140.95
  6. Tumble Forms Prone Net Swing
    Tumble Forms Prone Net Swing
    Regular Price $244.70 $244.70
    Sale Price $198.95
  7. Tumble Forms Raised Roll
    Tumble Forms Raised Roll
    Regular Price $100.10 $100.10
    Sale Price $75.95
  8. Tumble Forms Therapy Ball
    Tumble Forms Therapy Ball
    Regular Price $150.36 $150.36
    Sale Price $116.95
  9. Tumble Forms T-Stool/Scooter Combination
    Tumble Forms T-Stool/Scooter Combination
    Regular Price $624.36 $624.36
    Sale Price $505.95
  10. Kaye Products Scoot-About
    Kaye Products Scoot-About
    Regular Price $447.65 $447.65
    Sale Price $402.89
  11. Freedom Concepts Freedom Climber
    Freedom Concepts Freedom Climber
    Regular Price $460.00 $460.00
    Sale Price $414.00

Items 1-12 of 36

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