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Gross Motor

Gross Motor Toys for Toddlers, Little Kids and Babies

Unlike fine motor skills, which require the use of many tiny muscles, gross motor skills involve the large, stabilizing muscles of the body. These are the skills that we associate with activities that engage the whole body, such as walking, crawling, running, playing on the playground and playing sports. Simply put, gross motor skills are needed to help individuals move independently from one place to another, so they are a major part of childhood development. carries an amazing array of gross motor skills toys that can be used at home or at therapy to hone these skills.

Activities that build gross motor skills are those that teach kids balance, strength, coordination, endurance and core strength. Thus, gross motor equipment often includes elements of whole-body movement - biking, swinging, jumping, running and more. These toys are silent workers, engaging kids through big fun and excitement while quietly allowing them to develop their gross motor skills. Motor development products bring benefits beyond the physical, too. They can also help with cognitive development, social development and freedom of mobility.

Which Motor Development Toys Do I Need?

Not every child has the exact same need for motor development products. Physical therapy may be needed for children who have difficulty with balance or muscle strength, while outdoor games or bikes may be needed for kids who can't seem to concentrate or need an energy release. It is a good idea to choose equipment based on your child's needs, but all of these toys will spur engaging fun no matter what! Whether you need large motor toys for toddlers, special needs toys for adults or professional equipment for your therapy center, is here to help.

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  1. ergoErgo Kids Stool
    ergoErgo Kids Stool
  2. ergoErgo Stool
    ergoErgo Stool
  3. ergoErgo Extra Stool
    ergoErgo Extra Stool
  4. Freedom Concepts Positioning Snugglesaurus
    Freedom Concepts Snugglesaurus
  5. Tumble Forms Prone Net Swing
    Tumble Forms Prone Net Swing
    Sale Price $144.95 Regular Price $147.15
  6. JUMBO MAT,48X84X4 IN
    JUMBO MAT,48X84X4 IN
    Sale Price $301.95 Regular Price $307.37
  7. Tumble Forms T-Stool/Scooter Combination
    Tumble Forms T-Stool/Scooter Combination
    Sale Price $505.95 Regular Price $506.95
  8. Freedom Concepts Freedom Climber
    Freedom Concepts Freedom Climber
    Sale Price $315.00 Regular Price $350.00
  9. Tumble Forms Barrel/Crawl Roll
    Tumble Forms Barrel/Crawl Roll
    Sale Price $461.95 Regular Price $485.30
  10. Tumble Forms 5' Platform Swing
    Tumble Forms 5' Platform Swing
    Sale Price $620.95 Regular Price $652.00
  11. Tumble Forms Flexidisk
    Tumble Forms Flexidisk
    Sale Price $445.95 Regular Price $454.22
  12. Tumble Forms 36" Horse Roll
    Tumble Forms 36" Horse Roll
    Sale Price $478.95 Regular Price $483.36

Items 1-12 of 49

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