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Maclaren is an established brand and is recognized by many parents and healthcare professionals. They have been designing products for over 50 years, and they take pride in safety and durability. Maclaren Major Elite Special Needs Push Chairs are backed by a lifetime warranty to show how confident they are in the durability of their products. They never want to leave a family stranded, so if a repair is needed, they have a global network of authorized service providers. Maclaren was one of the first companies to design a stroller for children with special needs. It is fairly common to see a Maclaren Major Elite Special Needs Stroller in the hallways of most early childhood pediatric treatment centers.

The Maclaren Major Elite Special Needs Transport Stroller is an ultra lightweight transport chair that has a 5-point harness, padded seat, and detachable footrest. While it does not offer a lot of growth, it is a great introductory stroller for younger children.

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