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KAYE Brand Products

KAYE Products mobility aids, adaptive positioning equipment and therapy products for infants, children and young adults with special needs represent a long line of durable, high-quality products that are a wonderful addition to any classroom or home.

KAYE Bolsters, seating, Benches, provide support and comfort for even the most severely involved children. The Kaye Walkers for children and adults who can support their weight allow individuals to gain mobility in the upright position.

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  1. Kaye Reverse Walker
    Kaye Reverse Walker
    Payments of: $33.02
  2. Kaye Products T-Seat
    Kaye Products T-Seat
    Payments of: $31.50
  3. Kaye Corner Chair
    Kaye Corner Chair
    Payments of: $74.50
  4. Kaye Adjustable Benches
    Kaye Adjustable Benches
    Payments of: $29.17
  5. Kaye Products  Kinder Chair
    Kaye Products Kinder Chair
    Payments of: $57.33
  6. Kaye Products Walker Wagon
    Kaye Products Walker Wagon
    Payments of: $36.83
  7. Kaye Products Scoot-About
    Kaye Products Scoot-About
    Sale Price $270.00 Regular Price $351.33
    Payments of: $45.00
  8. Kaye Products Bolster
    Kaye Products Bolster
    Payments of: $21.17
  9. Kaye Products Bolster Stands (Pair)
    Kaye Products Bolster Stands (Pair)
    Sale Price $146.80 Regular Price $163.12
    Payments of: $24.47

13 Items

Set Descending Direction