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Sleeping & Adaptive Beds

Sleep Tight: Adaptive Beds for Kids and Adults

It's undeniable that sleep is vital to our short- and long-term health. If we don't get enough sleep, our bodies often rebel in the form of crankiness, aches and pains, the inability to focus and a compromised immune system. For people with special needs, restorative sleep may be even more important and there may be challenges that make it harder to come by. Issues such as fall protection- physical barriers to minimize the possibility that the person could fall out of the bed, whether awake or asleep; protection from entanglement/entrapment- minimizing gaps or openings that could pose the threat of entanglement or entrapment; containment- keeping the person safe inside the bed while awake if they cannot safely be out of their bed while caregivers are sleeping. Special needs beds and positioning aids from will help everyone get the rest they need no matter what their challenges are.

For children and adults at home and away you’ll find what you need for a good night’s sleep in our selection of products. If you're in the market for a safe, high-quality special needs bed that is a handcrafted piece of beautiful furniture, we highly recommend Beds by George. There are three different models available. The Slumber Series and the Dream Series allow customization with features to match your home decor. The Haven Series has a fully enclosed mesh top and sides supported by the wooden bed frame. All series can be designed to complement any room they are in.

A Bed for the Road

If your child requires a familiar environment to sleep due to sensory issues it can restrict your family’s ability to travel with overnight visits. Safe Place Beds are inflatable safety beds that were created to be used during travel. Safe Place Beds are intended to be just that, a "safe place". It is designed to give definition to where your child will be sleeping to help their body calm down, especially in new places. Instead of arriving at a hotel or a relative's home and rearranging furniture to make a "safe place", you can take just five minutes and set up the Safe Place Bed.

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  1. Beds by George Slumber Series
    Beds By George Slumber
    Regular Price $8,189.08 $8,189.08
    Sale Price $6,141.81
  2. Beds by George Dream Series
    Beds By George Dream
    Regular Price $9,242.27 $9,242.27
    Sale Price $6,931.70
  3. Beds By George Haven
    Beds by George Haven
    Regular Price $9,788.47 $9,788.47
    Sale Price $7,341.36
  4. ThevoSleepingStar Senso
    ThevoSleepingStar Senso
    Regular Price $1,635.00 $1,635.00
    Sale Price $1,553.25
  5. Yogibo SinusMinus 2.0
    Yogibo SinusMinus 2.0
    Sale Price $15.00
  6. Yogibo Yogi Caterpillar
    Yogibo Yogi Caterpillar
    Sale Price $129.00

Items 1-12 of 13

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