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Sleeping & Adaptive Beds

Sleep Tight: Adaptive Beds for Kids and Adults

It's undeniable that sleep is vital to our short- and long-term health. If we don't get enough sleep, our bodies rebel in the form of crankiness, aches and pains, the inability to focus and a compromised immune system, among many other negative side effects. For these reasons, it's very important that we help our children sleep as best as they possibly can. Our special needs beds and bedroom equipment from Adaptivemall.com help you get your child the rest she needs on her own terms, with materials and features that suit all of her needs.

We have a wide variety of pediatric adaptive beds and accessories made just for your child's nursery or bedroom. You'll find styles for infants, toddlers, kids, teenagers and adults in our selection. If you're in the market for a high-quality and safe special needs bed, then we highly recommend Beds by George line. This small business makes beds exclusively for children and adults with special needs, and they have truly thought of everything! Each of these beds has built-in fall protection with physical barriers, protection from entanglement as well as containment features to facilitate safe sleeping.

Finding a Bed Tailored to Your Child's Needs

We know that not all children have the exact same needs, and sometimes a traditional bed just won't work. In some cases, providing your child with his or her specific sensory or environmental needs is a requisite for a good night's sleep. In these scenarios, you can use special safe beds and mattress designed specifically for those with sensory issues. We even have options that you can take on the go for sleepovers or when you're traveling. With these beds, sleeping will be more enjoyable for everyone no matter your scenario.

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  1. Beds by George Dream Series
    Beds by George Dream Series
    Regular Price $8,497.78 $8,497.78
    Sale Price $6,373.34
  2. Beds by George Slumber Series
    Beds by George Slumber Series
    Regular Price $7,529.43 $7,529.43
    Sale Price $5,647.07
  3. Beds By George Haven
    Beds By George Haven
    Regular Price $9,090.00 $9,090.00
    Sale Price $6,817.50
  4. Safe Place Bed - Inflatable Twin
    Safe Place Bed - Inflatable Twin
    Regular Price $499.00 $499.00
    Sale Price $462.95
  5. Hugibo Mate
    Yogibo Hugibo Mate
    Regular Price $16.00 $16.00
    Sale Price $15.00
  6. ThevoSleepingStar
    Regular Price $1,595.00 $1,595.00
    Sale Price $1,435.50
  7. Yogibo BodyHug 2.0
    Yogibo BodyHug 2.0
    Regular Price $29.00 $29.00
    Sale Price $24.00
  8. Yogibo Buddy Roll
    Yogibo Buddy Roll
    Regular Price $50.00 $50.00
    Sale Price $49.00
  9. Yogibo Hugibo
    Yogibo Hugibo
    Regular Price $150.00 $150.00
    Sale Price $149.00
  10. Yogibo SinusMinus 2.0
    Yogibo SinusMinus 2.0
    Regular Price $15.00 $15.00
    Sale Price $11.90
  11. Yogibo ZippaRoll
    Yogibo ZippaRoll
    Regular Price $26.00 $26.00
    Sale Price $25.00
  12. Yogibo Yogi Caterpillar
    Yogibo Yogi Caterpillar
    Regular Price $110.00 $110.00
    Sale Price $109.00

Items 1-12 of 16

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