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The brand ergoErgo is a new take on dynamic seating. One of the downfalls of using therapy balls for active or dynamic seating is that the ball rolls away when you stand up creating a safety hazard. The ergoErgo line of stools eliminates that problem while offering active seating for children and adults. Active or dynamic seating allows and encourages movement while sitting. An active seat can improve core strength, posture, circulation, and the ability to focus. It also helps keep you comfortable and in place for longer periods of time. Offered in 3 sizes, the ergoErgo stools can be used by children from 4 years through adulthood.

Research has shown that all of us can benefit from active sitting. Individuals with special needs may have even more reasons to use an active seat. Sometimes, people with special needs have a hard time processing where their body is in space (proprioception). To compensate, their bodies stay in constant motion to give their brain the necessary feedback to understand where they are. Some individuals with special needs engage in movement for other reasons related to sensory integration (the body’s ability to take in and process information from the environment through the senses). This is no problem on the ergoErgo line of stools! They have been designed specifically to accommodate and encourage movement. Low muscle tone can cause a person to lean into structural support such as the sides and back of the chair. Heavy reliance on support and subsequent decreased muscle activation during sitting leads to poor strength and endurance of postural muscles. The ergoErgo line of stools require consistent activation of core muscles to maintain upright sitting thereby increasing strength and endurance of these muscles. They are a great addition to anyone’s seating line up!

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    ergoErgo Kids Stool
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    ergoErgo Stool
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  3. ergoErgo Extra Stool
    ergoErgo Extra Stool
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