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Safe Place Bedding

Safe Place Bedding, LLC. was founded by Jon and Amara Smith, parents of Skyler, Alara, and Abigail Smith. Jon is a registered ER nurse and inventor, and Amara is a homeschooling mom and author. Skyler, their oldest child has special needs due to Angelman Syndrome. Safe Place Bedding Travel Bed/ Safe Place Bed – Inflatable Twin was born of necessity. For 7 years Jon and Amara never had a peaceful night together in their own bed. One of them always had to be with Skyler at night. They found themselves exhausted and stressed out. Then they discovered that Skylar slept well in enclosed spaces. They began to explore safety beds but found them to be very expensive and none of them were portable. Necessity, the mother of the best inventions, plus creative thinking resulted in the Safe Place Bed.

The Safe Place Bed is an inflatable safety bed that can be used at home, and it can be taken anywhere. It changed Jon and Amara’s lives and they wanted to share what they had created with other families who had children with special needs. Success stories from families who have used the Safe Place Bed abound. Jon and Amara’s mission is to give the WHOLE family the joy of travel with a safe, affordable, and hassle-free sleeping solution for the restless loved one with special needs in your life!

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