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And They’re Off! Helping your Child with their First Crawling Steps

We have all heard the adage, “You must learn to crawl before you can walk.” Although not entirely true, it really is a good idea! The things we learn from crawling and the strength we gain, makes this stage of development very important. Many times, families who have a child that is delayed in their development want to rush through crawling to get to walking. But the crawling stage offers opportunities that will never present themselves in quite the same manner again. Here’s why crawling is so important- It strengthens core (trunk, shoulder and hip) muscles which help us to control posture and stabilize the joints close to our body. This develops the foundation for further gross motor and fine motor skills.

Crawling helps our nervous system to mature by helping us integrate primitive reflexes and strengthen body responses that will help us to move towards higher levels of mobility. Because a baby learns to crawl, they learn about reciprocal movement which is alternating coordinated movement between opposite sides of the body important for walking, bike riding and swimming. They also develop the inner muscles of their hands which will be needed to hold a pencil and manipulate objects. But, helping someone learn to crawl can be back breaking work. Thank goodness for and the equipment they have discovered and offer to help with this important process. From Crawlers to Pre-Gait Trainers and Climbers to a huge variety of Bolsters, it’s all here.

Creeping, Crawling Fun!

Learning to crawl can be an exciting time for children and their families. We have everything you need to make the process easier. If you are considering the purchase of special needs equipment to help, checking in with your therapist is the best place to start. If you have further questions about the adaptive equipment you see on this page, reach out to us! is staffed by physical and occupational therapists and intervention specialists who are happy to provide you with custom advice. All adaptive equipment choices have been handpicked and recommended by therapists and families with special needs children.

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  1. Redbarn Enterprises Creepster Crawler
    Redbarn Enterprises Creepster Crawler
    Regular Price $699.00 $699.00
    Sale Price $675.95
  2. Freedom Concepts Freedom Climber
    Freedom Concepts Freedom Climber
    Regular Price $460.00 $460.00
    Sale Price $414.00
  3. Tumble Forms T-Stool/Scooter Combination
    Tumble Forms T-Stool/Scooter Combination
    Regular Price $624.36 $624.36
    Sale Price $505.95
  4. Tumble Forms Jettmobile
    Tumble Forms Jettmobile
    Regular Price $696.49 $696.49
    Sale Price $615.95
  5. Kaye Products Scoot-About
    Kaye Products Scoot-About
    Regular Price $447.65 $447.65
    Sale Price $402.89
  6. Ormesa Birillo Pre-Gait Trainer / Walker
    Ormesa Birillo Pre-Gait Trainer / Walker
    Regular Price $1,250.00 $1,250.00
    Sale Price $1,187.50
  7. Kaye Products Bolster
    Kaye Products Bolster
    Regular Price $266.36 $266.36
    Sale Price $239.72
  8. Tumble Forms Roll
    Tumble Forms Roll
    Regular Price $165.28 $165.28
    Sale Price $140.95

8 Items

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