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Bolsters & Rolls

Heavy Duty, Portable Therapy Bolsters, Rolls and Raised Rolls. All Sizes.

Bolsters and Rolls are tried and true pieces of therapy equipment that have withstood the test of time. Used as positioning devices they provide endless possibilities for support. Used as a dynamic surface for sitting, a bolster can offer opportunities to strengthen righting and equilibrium reactions as well as improve postural control, all leading to improved balance. They are also a great place to work on trunk rotation through reaching activities. The ability to move this dynamic surface in a controlled manner allows for incremental training of weight shifting responses in activities that feel challenging yet safe. Using a Bolster or Roll to help support the prone position can elevate the trunk and provide an opportunity for upper extremity weight bearing improving strength and endurance of necessary muscles for fine motor skills or provide preparation for the hands and knees position.

Tumble Forms Raised Rolls or “Half Rolls” add yet another dimension to the mix because they have one flat surface. They can be used either right side up for stable bolster sitting, side leaning or prone positioning. Or they can be used upside down for dynamic movement when a flat surface for body contact is needed. Tumble Forms Barrel Roll is used for gross motor development and sensory integration activities. Working on the outside surface of the Barrel Roll offers opportunities to address crawling activities, and activities to develop body awareness and balance skills.

Support for Positioning in all Developmental Postures

Bolsters and Rolls are available in a large variety of sizes appropriate for premies to adults. They are offered by well-known and trusted quality manufacturers like Special Tomato, Tumble Forms and Kaye. Bolsters and Rolls are staple pieces of equipment at therapy clinics, hospitals and schools but are also affordable enough to be purchased for home use. Carrying straps make bolsters easily portable and their ability to stand on one end make them easy to store. Bolsters and rolls are easily cleaned and are appropriate for multiple users.

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  1. Special Tomato Soft-Touch Therapy Roll
    Special Tomato Soft-Touch Therapy Roll
  2. Freedom Concepts Positioning Snugglesaurus
    Freedom Concepts Snugglesaurus
  3. Kaye Products Bolster Stands (Pair)
    Kaye Products Bolster Stands (Pair)
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  4. Tumble Forms Barrel/Crawl Roll
    Tumble Forms Barrel/Crawl Roll
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  5. Kaye Products Bolster
    Kaye Products Bolster
  6. Tumble Forms Roll
    Tumble Forms Roll
  7. Tumble Forms Raised Roll
    Tumble Forms Raised Roll

7 Items

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