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AltimateMedical’s EasyStand brand is the leader in the design and manufacturing of sit to stand standers. One of the reasons, in their own words is “Standing is all we do.” But the fact that they consistently deliver exceptional quality in design and manufacturing and cutting-edge technological innovations, runs a bit deeper than that. Their founder, Alan Tholkes understands. At the age of 18, he suffered a spinal cord injury at the C6/7 level. While in rehab, he stood several times a week as a part of therapy but when he was discharged, he wasn’t prescribed a stander and standing wasn’t talked about as a long-term, home-based therapy. So, what to do? He built a sit-to-stand device he could use on his own, and EasyStand was born!

That was in 1987. Today AltimateMedical continues to lead the standing industry.AltimateMedical offers the widest array of standing equipment in the biggest selection of sizes and with options and accessories that insure customized support when needed. Most of the standers offered by EasyStand are unique in that they offer therapeutic seating and standing plus the technology to assist with the transfer from sit to stand. The EasyStand Zing MPS(Mulit-Position Stander) is truly what it says it is. It has the ability to transition from being used as a supine stander (weightbearing on back) to being used as an upright stander to being used as a prone stander (weightbearing on stomach) in one smooth motion! Most 3-Way Standers require flipping the foot plates, moving the tray, readjusting pads, etc. to achieve a different orientation. Not the EasyStand Zing- one motion, no reconfiguring!

The EasyStand also integrates the latest research results in standing that recommend abduction of the hips during standing for infants and young children to promote proper development of the hip joint. And if that’s not enough, you should check out the Glider! The Glider is an active stander that provides lower body range of motion and upper body strengthening. Unlike passive standers, users move the handles with their arms which creates a reciprocal movement in the legs. As you can see, EasyStand brand has a lot to offer!

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  1. EasyStand Glider
    EasyStand Glider
    Regular Price $10,859.00 $10,859.00
    Sale Price $9,853.37
  2. EasyStand Evolv
    EasyStand Evolv
    Regular Price $5,868.00 $5,868.00
    Sale Price $5,042.50
  3. EasyStand Zing Prone
    EasyStand Zing Prone
    Regular Price $6,209.00 $6,209.00
    Sale Price $5,091.38
  4. EasyStand Zing MPS TT
    EasyStand Zing MPS TT
    Regular Price $6,411.00 $6,411.00
    Sale Price $5,257.02
  5. EasyStand Zing MPS
    EasyStand Zing MPS
    Regular Price $6,854.00 $6,854.00
    Sale Price $5,620.28
  6. EasyStand Bantam - Medium
    EasyStand Bantam - Medium
    Regular Price $6,641.00 $6,641.00
    Sale Price $5,775.82
  7. EasyStand Bantam - Extra Small & Small
    EasyStand Bantam - Extra Small & Small
    Regular Price $5,472.00 $5,472.00
    Sale Price $4,759.21
  8. EasyStand Bantam - Extra Small & Small Mobile
    EasyStand Bantam - Extra Small & Small Mobile
    Regular Price $7,403.00 $7,403.00
    Sale Price $6,748.09

8 Items

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