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EasyStand Glider


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EasyStand products are now available in Minimum, Moderate & Maximum Support Packages for easier ordering!

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EasyStand Glider
Item# easystand-glider-with-actuator
Regular Price $10,859.00 $10,859.00
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Product Description

The EasyStand Glider is a sit to stand stander for children and adults with special needs. This innovative technology is unsurpassed, facilitating in one fluid, effortless motion, transitioning from a sitting to standing position and then into simulated gliding, gait training.

The EasyStand Glider is an ideal positioning system for children and adults with mild, moderate, or severe physical involvement.

The EasyStand Glider stander is a perfect addition to any classroom, therapy clinic, and even home. The EasyStand Glider accommodates growth so that it can be used for several years to encourage consistency in the child or adult with physical disabilities standing program. Position changes are simple and will not compromise the support given to the individual when transitioning from sitting to standing. The EasyStand Glide has a pivot point that falls where the body naturally pivots during the sit to stand motion.

The EasyStand Glider stander transfer seat height makes it easy for caregivers to safely transfer a child or adult with special needs from his wheelchair to the stander. The EasyStand Glider Large stander also offers several optional accessories to customize it for each individual user. It is also perfect for multiple users since the adjustments can be moved back quickly and easily to their original positions.

The Optional Pow’r Up Lift provides a way to more easily transition from sit to stand and back again at the touch of a button for individuals with severe physical disabilities. The Pow’r Up Lift for the EasyStand Glider includes a light-touch controller, rechargeable battery, Linak® actuator, and an emergency release. This option replaces the manual hydraulic lift. Please use the drop down menu above when ordering to select this option for an upcharge.

The Optional Adjustable Actuator handle adjusts for individuals of varying heights to meet the user’s needs. It is easily removable to allow for open access to the left or right side for transfers, or for preventing individuals from lowering themselves to sitting accidentally. This option replaces the Standard Manual Actuator Handle. Please use the drop down menu above when ordering to select this option for an upcharge.

Is this Product Right for You?

  • A seating system that achieves sitting, upright standing and simulated gait training
  • Target user height range 48" - 74" (122 - 188 cm)
  • Weight Capacity of 280 lbs. (127 kg)
  • Questions? Our therapists can help you with a proper fit to start please click SIZING HELP and complete a simple form, or call us toll free at (800) 371-2778

The EasyStand® Glider with Moderate Support is a Sit to Stand Active Stander Package from Altimate Medical. The EasyStand Glider is the only standing device on the market today that features active standing technologies. Users move the push handles with their arms, and this creates reciprocal movement of their legs. This provides lower extremity range of motion and at the same time active upper body strength and endurance training. The full range seat has hinged, break-away sections for each leg that allow for full leg extension at the hip. Adjustable Resistance Cylinders allow users to adjust the workload for cardiovascular conditioning and upper body strengthening. It allows the user to start with minimal resistance and increase as they become stronger. The Glider handles allow an attendant to assist in movement, which is especially important for new users. Numerous research studies suggest that use of an active standing frame can positively affect an individual’s health.

By strategically placing the pivot points of the stander in line with the body’s natural pivot points, features offering postural support remain in place from sitting to standing, minimizing shear. Critical areas such as knee pads, seat, back and chest pad are well cushioned for comfort. The three-point system of knee pads, seat, and chest pad provides the individual with support in all positions from sitting to standing. The Glider also allows the user to ascend and descend at their own pace with the ability to stop anywhere between sitting and standing. The Glider’s open base with Positioning (Grab) Bar makes transfers easy and safe. For those that self-transfer, it is a quick lateral seat to seat transfer, flip the knee pad down and you are ready to move from sitting to standing and begin gliding. For those who require assistance for a stand pivot or lift assist transfer, features such as the removable back ease the way and improve safety. Once seated, the user can independently achieve the standing position using the manual hydraulic actuator handle. The Glider is also an ideal stander for multi-user facilities with adjustable components and features such as Easy-Adjust Seat Depth offering easy, smooth adjustments using roller bearings.

Newly injured and those that have not stood recently often need to acclimate to standing.  The Glider allows a user to stop and rest at any point between sitting and standing. The EasyStand Glider is also beneficial in preparation for exoskeleton walking. According to regulatory approval of exoskeleton products, prior to using an exoskeleton walking device, users should be able to stand using an assistive standing device such as the EasyStand Glider. Being able to stand comfortably for progressively longer periods of time while maintaining or improving the flexibility of leg muscles makes use of the Glider ideal before starting a walking program.

The Glider Size Medium fits users from 4’ to 5’6” (122-167cm) and up to 200lbs. (91kg). Size Large fits users from 5’ to 6’2” (152-188cm) and up to 280lbs. (127kg). The EasyStand Glider with moderate postural support package features Secure Foot Straps, Flip-Up Knee Pads, Full Range Seat with Easy-Adjust Seat Depth, Velcro Positioning Belt, Hip Supports, Removable Flat Back, Chest Strap, Tray and Chest Pad, Glide Handles, Adjustable/Removable Actuator Handle, and Adjustable Resistance Cylinders.

Don’t just stand there, Glide!

*There can be no part substitutions when ordering a Glider package.

Is this Product Right for You?

  • An Active Gliding Sit to Stand Stander
  • Accommodates users with mild to moderate postural support needs
  • Size Medium fits children and adults from 4’ to 5’6” (122-167cm) and up to 200lbs. (91kg)
  • Size Large fits children and adults from 5’ to 6’2” (153-188cm) and up to 280lbs. (127kg)
  • Questions? Our therapists can help you with a proper fit... to start please click SIZING HELP and complete a simple form, or call us toll free at (800) 371-2778

Glider Features - Downloadable PDF - Complete with pictures and complete descriptions!

EasyStand Glider Moderate Support Package Standard Features Include:

  • Adjustable Foot Plates
  • Secure Foot Straps
  • Flip-Up Knee Pads
  • Full Range Seat
  • Easy-Adjust Seat Depth
  • Velcro® Positioning Belt
  • Hip Supports
  • Removable Flat Back
  • Chest Strap
  • Tray & Chest Pad
  • Adjustable/Removable Actuator Handle
  • Glide Handle Extensions- Size Medium ONLY
  • Glide Handles- Size Large ONLY
  • Adjustable Resistance Cylinders
  • Positioning (Grab) Bar
  • 5" Front Wheels
  • 5" Rear Locking Casters
User Manual

Click here to view the EasyStand Glider Medium and Large Owner’s Manual!

Size Chart
Glider Medium Large
Weight Limit 200 lbs. (90kg) 280 lbs. (127kg)
Height Range 4'- 5'6" (122 - 168cm) 5'- 6'2" (152 - 188cm)
Seat to Foot Plate Range 13.5" - 16.5" (34 - 42cm) 15.5" - 18.5" (39 - 47cm)
Seat Depth Range* 20"- 25" (51 - 64cm) 24"- 29" (61 - 74cm)
Seat Height from Floor 21.5" (55cm) 21.5" (55cm)
Weight of Basic Unit 175 lbs (78kg) 178 lbs (81kg)
Frame Footprint 26.5" x 41" (67 x 104cm) 26.5" x 41" (67 x 104cm)

*measured from middle of knee pad


EasyStand Glider Active Standing

EasyStand Glider Product Video

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