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I Need To Stand In Different Ways

Multi-Positional Standing Frames for Home, School and Clinic

Children with special needs often require support to stand with a well aligned posture. Upright standing with weight bearing through the legs at an age appropriate time in a child’s development is essential, regardless of whether the child can achieve this milestone on their own. Some children benefit greatly from a standing program that involves different types of standing support - Prone (support in front of the user), Supine (support behind the user) and Upright. This is especially true for children who are rapidly progressing and changing on their way to independent standing and walking. As their postural strength improves, varying where the support surface is, varies which group of muscles will be activated and strengthened while standing. Independent standing requires a balance between the strength of muscle groups. Stability at a joint is achieved through co-activation of muscles around a joint versus activation of muscles on one side of the joint which results in movement of the joint. Standing in different positions can help to achieve this stability.

To accomplish variations in standing with a single piece of equipment, a Three-Way Stander or Multi-Positional Stander in invaluable. The Three-Way Stander is also invaluable in schools and clinics where multiple children can use the same stander for standing programs or where a stander is being used for trials and evaluations prior to purchase. All the standers offered here are durable, easily modified for growth and change in ability and easily adjusted between users. Some of the standers have features that integrate the latest research results regarding standing with legs abducted (moved away from midline) to improve hip development of young children. The EasyStand Zing is unique in its ability to transition from supine to upright to prone in one smooth motion without reconfiguration of supports.

Prone, Supine and Vertical Stander All-in-One!

With so many products available, it can be difficult to decide which one is best. A good place to start is checking in with your therapist. For additional information or to get personalized sizing advice, please send us a size help request. This service is free and important to getting the perfect fit!

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  1. EasyStand Zing MPS
    EasyStand Zing MPS
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  2. Leckey Squiggles Stander
    Leckey Squiggles Stander
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  3. Leckey Mygo Stander
    Leckey Mygo Stander
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  4. Ormesa Dondolino Stander
    Ormesa Dondolino Stander
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  5. R82 Gazelle Stander
    R82 Gazelle Stander
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  6. Leckey Horizon Prone Stander
    Leckey Horizon Prone Stander
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  7. Leckey Horizon Supine Stander
    Leckey Horizon Supine Stander
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  8. Tumble Forms TriStander
    Tumble Forms TriStander
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8 Items

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