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Therapy Wedges

NEW Special Tomato™ Soft-Touch™ Therapy Wedges are the most durable wedges on the market today. Made of a unique Latex-Free, anti-microbial material, the Soft-Touch™ Therapy Wedges are seamless, peel- and tear-resistant as well as impermeable to fluids. These wedges will also withstand cracking. They also come with a convenient Stand-On-End™ design that allows for easy storage when not in use. All Soft-Touch™ Therapy Wedges are backed by a 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Classic Tumble Forms Wedges are the most versatile in their simplicity. They are used for both fine motor and gross motor skills development. These simple shapes are so adaptable to growth and changing therapeutic needs.

Tumble Forms Strap Wedges are the same as the classic wedges but provide additional positioning control via wide straps that hold the torso in place.

Tumble Forms BiForm Wedges are substantially wedge shapes. But, they feature contoured surfaces of body contact, lateral blocking, and multiple height options.

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  1. Special Tomato Soft-Touch Therapy Wedge
    Special Tomato Soft-Touch Therapy Wedge
  2. Spry Recovery Flat
    Spry Recovery Pillow
  3. Tumble Forms Prone Pillow
    Tumble Forms Prone Pillow
    Sale Price $181.95 Regular Price $185.40
  4. Spry Sensory Stress Reliever
    Spry Sensory Stress Reliever
  5. Tumble Forms Thera-Wedge System
    Tumble Forms Thera-Wedge System
    Sale Price $1,223.95 Regular Price $1,360.00
  6. Tumble Forms Wedge
    Tumble Forms Wedge
  7. Tumble Forms BiForm Wedge
    Tumble Forms BiForm Wedge
  8. Tumble Forms Strap Wedge
    Tumble Forms Strap Wedge

8 Items

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