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Understanding Jogging Strollers

Choosing a Jogging Stroller is the answer to a lifestyle question. Young families are on the go and choosing equipment to support all their endeavors has never been easier. A top-quality jogging stroller will be practical to use pretty much anywhere. From flat trails and sidewalks to uneven grassy terrain, woodchip paths and through snow, you’ll be good to go. And as their name suggests, they’re perfect if you enjoy keeping yourself in shape by running, power-walking or jogging.

What makes a Jogging Stroller unique?

One of the distinguishing features of a Jogging Strollers is their 3 versus 4 wheels. This gives the stroller a unique angular look. The 3 wheels usually have pneumatic (air-filled) tires that make the stroller easy to push and maneuver while offering your child a smooth ride. The front swivel tire can be locked inline when traveling over rough terrain or swivels 360⁰ when increased maneuverability is required in tight indoor spaces. Most Jogging Strollers also have a sophisticated suspension system to smooth out the jostling of higher speed travel and off-roading. The frame of a Jogging Stroller is rugged but lightweight and folds easily and compactly to fit into the trunk of a car. Jogging Strollers also have canopies to shield your child from the elements.

And YES, these strollers have been adapted for special needs postural support!

Kids who need additional postural support to maintain their alignment during sitting require this support all the time. The time they spend going for a stroll or a jog is no exception. Especially if you are hoping for a content companion that can maintain that happy state for any length of time!

The popular Special Tomato Jogger is a perfect example of a top-quality Jogging Stroller created to accommodate children with special needs. Designed for children with mild to moderate physical involvement, the Special Tomato Jogger comes standard with a thick latex free padded seat and back surface with washable upholstery, a 5-Point Chest Harness and a Reclining Seat Back to help increase postural support and stability. Optional accessories such as the Soft-Touch Liner back and seat cushions provide additional lateral trunk and pelvic support for an improved upright seated position. The Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter provides posterior (behind) and lateral (side) head support and is also compatible with the Jogger Stroller.

So, if you enjoy running, jogging, or even taking off-road trips with your child, a jogging stroller is probably your best choice and you will not need to compromise your child’s specific requirements for postural support to maintain a comfortable well-aligned body position.

Wishing you Safe and Happy Adventures!