Feeder Seats

Feeder Seats are simple soft foam positioning seats designed for all ages. They are used for feeding, teaching, resting, and countless situations providing light and portable positioning; They sit on the living room floor, or can be held in a parent's lap. They can be put into any stroller and brought to a restaurant setting.

Tumble Forms Feeder Seat Small
Sale price: $216.95
Payments of: $36.16
Tumble Forms Feeder Seat Medium
Sale price: $278.95
Payments of: $46.49
Tumble Forms Feeder Seat Large
Sale price: $376.95
Payments of: $62.82
Tumble Forms Feeder Seat Extra Large
Sale price: $604.95
Payments of: $100.83
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Tumble Forms
Feeder Seats
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The exclusive Tumble Forms coating makes it attractive and easy to wash and maintain. Tumble Forms seamless covering is washable, odor and stain resistant, impervious to urine, and nontoxic. The contoured interior has a 90 degree seat-to-back relationship to encourage correct seating posture. The Small and Medium sizes have updated anti-thrust seats for increased pelvic stability. Shoulder harness slots allow 4" of vertical adjustment of the shoulder straps. The Large and X-Large size have internal metal frames molded in place to support extra weight.

Not sure of the difference between a Carrie Seat and a Feeder Seat? Look here for an explanation Carrie Seat vs. Feeder Seat.

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Wedges and Mobile Carts may be ordered separately, which will turn a Feeder Seat into a Floor Sitter or a Mobile Floor Sitter.

* Please make sure to compare ALL seat dimensions with your child's corresponding measurements. If you need assistance choosing the correct size for your child, please COMPLETE OUR SIZE HELP REQUEST FORM and we will assist you in selecting the correct size!

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