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Adaptive Engineering Lab, Inc. Foot Positioner

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PLEASE NOTE: Positioners are sold individually. Please choose right or left positioner from the drop down menu above. Dynaform Foot Positioners have the same dynamic three-point ankle attachment as the Ankle Positioners, but a toe strap is designed to give more control to the amount foot movement. The straps are made of stretchable RubatexTM material, so they conform to the shape of the foot or shoe and allow for minor stretch and movement. The Dynaform Foot Positioners are comfortable and secure with excellent holding strength. The unique three-point ankle attachment forms a cup for the heel, while the side straps wrap around the ankle. The toe strap is also made of stretchable RubatexTM material which adjusts to fit a variety of footwear, providing soft, comfortable, and firm foot positioning. Dynaform Foot Positioners come with a special plastic mounting base with adjustment slots. Mounting bases need to mount to flat foot plates or footrests. Holes must be drilled into your existing foot plates or footrest, but necessary hardware is supplied. Foot Positioners are available in two sizes... Medium and Large. Medium size works well for small and medium size shoes. To select the correct Foot Positioner size, physically measure the shoe sole width and then select the base slot width that will accommodate the shoe. The measurement does not have to be precise because the Dynaform material will stretch to fit. Shoe sole widths of 3" - 4" will fit the Medium size. Shoe sole widths of 3.5" - 4.5" will fit the Large size.

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