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Convaid Headrest Extension and Headwings - Rodeo

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The Convaid Rodeo Headrest Extension extends the push chair’s back height by 8 in. (20.3cm) on the Size 10 Rodeo and 10 in. (25.4 cm) on Size 12, 14 and 16 Rodeo. Headrest Extension provides head support for taller users. Upholstery is Codura to match the color of your push chair. The Headrest extension fits easily into the sockets of the back frame. To adjust the height, move rubber grommets on the mounting posts to the desired position.

Convaid Occi-Headwings provide sub-occipital support to help position the head in midline. Provides added comfort, allows side to side head movement without obstruction, and does not block the individual’s ears or line of vision.

Convaid Padded Headwings are height adjustable and provide soft foam lateral support for midline positioning of the head.

Please Note: You must provide the Serial Number for your existing Convaid Push Chair when ordering accessories to add to the Convaid Push Chair that you already own. Please enter the Serial Number into the “Comments Section" during the check-out process.

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