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Thomashilfen Lateral Trunk Supports

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Rigid Laterals are height adjustable and provide support at the sides of the trunk to help your child maintain his/her trunk at midline. Size (H x D) of laterals for Size 1 Frame is 5.9” x 5.1" (15 x 13 cm); for Size 2 Frame is 6.7” x 5.9" (17 x 15 cm). Choose Size of Laterals to match Frame Size.

These optional Flexible Laterals with Chest Strap are longer than the Rigid Laterals. They are flexible to offer fitted trunk support. A belt with side release buckles is included for anterior support. Size (H x D) of laterals is 3.9” x 7.9" (10 x 20 cm). One size.

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