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Special Tomato Optional Special Tomato Sitter Headrest


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Product Description

NOTE: The Head Support is recommended for use with the Size 2,3,4 & 5 Sitters only.

This optional headrest is made of soft, latex-free, seamless woven mesh that contours to the head and provides lateral support. The attachment straps for the headrest must go through the shoulder strap holes to work. This limit the height adjustability of the headrest.

The Overall Height of the Headrest is 4.5 inches (11.43 cm). The following are the Minimum and Maximum Height Adjustments from the Seat Surface to the BOTTOM of the Headrest on each Size of the Special Tomato Sitter:

  • Size 2: 10.5 inches Minimum Height: 14 inches Maximum Height (26.7 - 35.6 cm)

  • Size 3: 13 inches Minimum Height: 15.75 inches Maximum Height (33 - 40 cm)

  • Size 4: 16.5 inches Minimum Height: 20.5 inches Maximum Height (41.9 - 52.1 cm)

  • Size 5: 17.25 inches Minimum Height: 22.75 inches Maximum Height (43.8 - 57.8 cm)

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