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R82 Vest

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This is an adjustable vest harness that securely holds the child against the seat back. Helpful for the child with poor trunk/postural control. The vest has a zipper and 6 fixation straps for easy fixation and removal.

Size 0=A=1.25 x B=2.5 x C=5.5 x D=3.5 x E=11 inches
Size 0.75=A=1.5 x B=2.5 x C=5.5 x D=4.25 x E=11 inches
Size 1=A=2.25 x B=2.5 x C=7 x D=5 x E=13.25 inches
Size 2=A=2.5 x B=3.5 x C=9.25 x D=5.5 x E=15.5 inches
Size 3=A=2.75 x B=4.5 x C=11 x D=5.75 x E=18 inches
Size 4=2.75 x B=6.5 x C=13.5 x D=7.5 x E=19 inches
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