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Rifton Wave Tub Transfer Base

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The Rifton Tub Transfer Base for the New Wave Bathing & Transfer System provides for save transfers in and out of the tub instead of having to do a costly bathroom renovation to put in a shower stall. There are two steps to the Tub Transfer Stand: 1) the Tub Transfer Base rolls back in the tub and the brakes are then engaged; 2) the Bath Chair pivots on the Tub Transfer Stand to align the user in the tub.

When ordering your Wave Tub Transfer Base, choose whether you need the Wave Bath Chair to pivot Counterclockwise into the tub or Clockwise. NOTE: The pivot direction can be made with tools. This is not a daily change but one that could be made if your bathroom configuration changes. Step-by-step directions are in the manual.

The Rifton Legs for Wave Tub Transfer Base are available in two sizes. Choose the size that best fits your bathtub. Standard Legs are for bathtub edges that are 20 inches or less. Long Legs are for bathtub edges that are 20 inches or more.

When bath-time is finished, both the base and chair can each be folded separately for storage so that the rest of the people in the home can use the tub without equipment in it. Each component comes with a wall mount.
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