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Indoor and Outdoor Special Needs Swings

Adding some gentle, repetitive movement to your child’s playtime or therapy program is a fantastic way to support his or her development. Therapy swings are consistently recommended by therapists, educators and parents as a great way to enhance sensory play and provide developmental support to the body. In fact, special needs swings can help improve balance, coordination, mood and hyperactivity, helping kids channel all their energy into playtime! Adaptive Mall is the perfect place to find a special needs swing that suits your child’s unique needs, with styles for indoor and outdoor use.

If you’re looking for an indoor therapy swing, you have a variety of options. If you’re limited on space, you can choose one of our door frame swings that easily installs in the doorway using a sturdy support bar. You’ll find a special needs indoor swing, platform, ladder or trapeze to transform your home or therapy center into an amazing (yet safe) indoor jungle gym! If you have enough room inside — such as in a therapy or educational facility — then you can choose a sensory swing with stand. Brands like Playaway and Tumble Forms have come up with some awesome playground-style swings for kids with disabilities.

ADA Compliant Swings

We also offer ADA swings (they are ADA compliant to meet accessibility requirements) for home or commercial applications, including in public play areas. Choose the Jensen Residential ADA Swing for home use or the Jensen Commercial ADA Swing for your therapy facility, daycare, school or playground. These swings can be reclined at various levels to adapt to any user’s unique needs. Note that ADA swings do not come with the frame or harness, but you can add them as optional accessories if desired. If you have any questions about these products, we’d welcome the opportunity to help you choose the right special needs play equipment for your child!

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  1. Tumble Forms Net Swing with Positioning Seat
    Tumble Forms Net Swing with Positioning Seat
    Regular Price $740.30 $740.30
    Sale Price $599.95
  2. Tumble Forms Flexidisk
    Tumble Forms Flexidisk
    Regular Price $588.80 $588.80
    Sale Price $483.95
  3. Tumble Forms Tortoise Shell, Balls, and Net with Suspension Kit
    Tumble Forms Tortoise Shell, Balls, and Net with Suspension Kit
    Regular Price $1,221.28 $1,221.28
    Sale Price $1,052.95
  4. Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II Complete
    Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II Complete
    Regular Price $5,649.54 $5,649.54
    Sale Price $4,706.95

5 Items

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