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I need a chair to sit at floor level

Floor Time is Essential! The Right Seat can Help!

Every parent and developmental therapist knows that a lot of important growth and development takes place at floor level where kids are building their skills, interacting with peers and just having fun! Allowing your child to safely engage in seated playtime on the floor may require support and the products shown here may be just what you’re looking for. Excellent for circle time, story time and group activities, floor sitters allow your child to have the postural support they need to be attentive and engaged. Floor sitters are also a popular and effective choice to position a child for feeding. Adaptivemall.com has hand-selected only the finest special needs Floor Sitters based on their durability, versatility and superior workmanship. We have seating solutions that can be used in home, school and therapy settings, appropriate for kids with mild to moderate positioning needs as well as deluxe floor sitters that provide full-body support.

We have Special Tomato Floor Sitters with wooden bases with or without wheels as well as a stationary wedge base. All these options include the tilt-in-space feature. You will also find thoughtfully designed floor corner sitters, including sitters with built-in trays, for enjoyable sensory play, eating and crafting. Oversized and comfortable beanbag chairs are a great place to “chill out” and envelope the body to provide deep pressure for a calming and effect. And the innovative 3-in-1 design of the Leckey Squiggles Early Seating System provides options beyond compare.

Floor Seating System- Which one is Right for You?

reach out to us. Adaptivemall.com is staffed by physical and occupational therapists and intervention specialists who are happy to provide you with custom advice.

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  1. Special Tomato Soft-Touch® Sitter
    Special Tomato Soft-Touch® Sitter
  2. Special Tomato MPS Seat
    Special Tomato MPS Seat
    Sale Price $1,587.80 Regular Price $2,419.71
  3. Special Tomato® Soft-Touch® Floor Sitter
    Special Tomato® Soft-Touch® Floor Sitter
  4. Scallop by R82
    R82 Scallop
  5. Tumble Forms Feeder Seat
    Tumble Forms Feeder Seat
  6. Kaye Corner Chair
    Kaye Corner Chair
  7. Tumble Forms Universal Corner Chair
    Tumble Forms Universal Corner Chair
  8. Special Tomato Mobile Activity Tray
    Special Tomato Mobile Activity Tray

8 Items

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