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Car Seats

Crash Tested Car Seats, Airplane Seats and Transit Strollers for Safe Traveling

Specific considerations are required when individuals with special needs are being transported in moving vehicles. Physical limitations can put them at increased risk for injury if they are not properly supported and restrained. Whether traveling on a bus, in a car or in an airplane, the use of authorized, crash-tested seating restraints is required by law. At your child’s safety is our primary concern in every product we offer but especially in adaptive equipment that will be used during transportation. The car seats offered at have all been specifically designed for children with special needs and meet USA FMVSS 213 Car Seat Standards. The wheelchairs and adaptive strollers offered have all met or exceeded the stringent WC19 Safety Standards established to ensure the safety and security of bus-riders with special needs. The seating solutions offered for airplane travel have all met US FAA requirements for use in an aircraft.

Versatile Adaptive Equipment for Safe Travels in Planes, Buses and Automobiles

Here at we also understand that safety is not the only issue to be seriously considered when children with special needs travel. Supporting and maintaining proper postural alignment will significantly affect a child’s ability to be relaxed and content during transport. Any time a child will spend a prolonged period of time in one position, that position should be well aligned and therapeutic. Whether your child needs just a small amount of extra support or they are fully dependent on support when upright, you will find what you need here for safe and happy travels!

Choose from special needs products like Special Tomato MPS Car Seat, Britax Car Seats, Infant Car Beds and the Columbia Medical Car Seat. We want you to be confident in your selection and we’re here to help! is staffed by physical and occupational therapists and intervention specialists who are happy to provide you with custom advice. All adaptive equipment for travel has been handpicked and recommended by therapists and families with special needs children.

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  1. Convaid Carrot 3 Booster Seat
    Convaid Carrot 3 Booster Seat
    Regular Price $3,035.00 $3,035.00
    Sale Price $2,883.25
  2. Convaid Cruiser Stroller
    Convaid Cruiser Stroller
    Regular Price $2,015.00 $2,015.00
    Sale Price $1,813.50
  3. Convaid Rodeo Tilt
    Convaid Rodeo Tilt
    Regular Price $2,638.00 $2,638.00
    Sale Price $2,374.20
  4. R82 Cricket Pushchair
    R82 Cricket Pushchair
    Regular Price $1,993.00 $1,993.00
    Sale Price $1,793.70
  5. Leggero Dyno
    Leggero Dyno
    Regular Price $3,587.00 $3,587.00
    Sale Price $2,869.80
  6. Leggero Trak
    Leggero Trak
    Regular Price $3,681.00 $3,681.00
    Sale Price $2,944.90
  7. Leggero Reach
    Leggero Reach
    Regular Price $3,056.00 $3,056.00
    Sale Price $2,444.90
  8. Thomashilfen Swifty Stroller
    Thomashilfen Swifty Stroller
    Regular Price $2,425.00 $2,425.00
    Sale Price $2,303.75
  9. Convaid Trekker
    Convaid Trekker
    Regular Price $3,169.00 $3,169.00
    Sale Price $2,852.10
  10. Thomashilfen EASyS Advantage Stroller
    Thomashilfen EASyS Advantage Stroller
    Regular Price $4,469.00 $4,469.00
    Sale Price $4,245.55
  11. Thomashilfen tRide Stroller
    Thomashilfen tRide Stroller
    Regular Price $4,973.00 $4,973.00
    Sale Price $4,724.35
  12. Ormesa New Novus Pushchair
    Ormesa New Novus Pushchair
    Regular Price $4,200.00 $4,200.00
    Sale Price $3,990.00

Items 13-24 of 24

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