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I need a chair with a reclining backrest

Recline Seating for the Home or Classroom

Sitting up straight can be a lot of work. Children with special needs often require support to sit with a well aligned upright posture. And this is the posture that promotes engagement in social situations, learning, therapy activities and fun! But how do we give kids a break or accommodate kids that don’t have the range of motion at their hips to achieve that 90⁰ hip angle. We use the backrest recline function! We can all identify with the feeling of rest and relaxation which comes from reclining a bit. Adaptive seating with the ability to recline the backrest is meant to provide all the necessary support a child requires for upright sitting but also offers the option to recline. This gives tired muscles a chance to rest and shifts the distribution of weight to relieve areas of pressure.

The recline function of a chair differs from the tilt-in-space function of a chair. When a seat back is reclined it changes the angle of flexion (bending) at the hip. It opens the hip angle making it greater than 90⁰. The tilt-in-space function tips the whole seat backwards or forwards keeping the angle at the hip exactly the same. Many of the seating systems on this page have both the reclining backrest and tilt-in-space features. You will also find hi-lo options, stationary and mobile bases and varying degrees of postural support accommodating children with mild physical limitations to adults who require full body support. Adaptivemall.com only offers the highest quality special needs reclining chairs from the leading manufacturers of special needs equipment.

Special Needs Seating- There’s so many Options, I don’t know how to Choose.

Rifton, Leckey, R82, Jenx and more. Not only that, but our expert team members are always available to answer questions or help you get the right size equipment for your child.

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  1. Special Tomato Recliner Support System
    Special Tomato Recliner Support System
    Regular Price $1,152.85 $1,152.85
    Sale Price $629.95
  2. Ormesa New Bug Special Needs Seating System
    Ormesa New Bug Seat
    Regular Price $3,750.00 $3,750.00
    Sale Price $3,562.50
  3. Thomashilfen EASyS Modular S Push Chair
    Thomashilfen EASyS Modular S Push Chair
    Regular Price $4,729.00 $4,729.00
    Sale Price $4,492.55
  4. R82 Wombat Living Hi Low Chair
    R82 Wombat Living Hi Low Chair
    Regular Price $3,535.00 $3,535.00
    Sale Price $3,181.50
  5. Rifton Hi/Lo Activity Chair
    Rifton Hi/Lo Activity Chair
    Sale Price $3,965.00
  6. Leckey Squiggles Seat
    Leckey Squiggles Seat
    Regular Price $4,706.00 $4,706.00
    Sale Price $3,529.50
  7. Leckey Everyday Activity Seat
    Leckey Everyday Activity Seat
    Regular Price $3,249.00 $3,249.00
    Sale Price $2,436.75

9 Items

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