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I need to sit and stand in the same product

Sitting, Standing, Transferring… All in One!

Research indicates that every body benefits from standing whether you have a typical body or a body that requires special care. Respiration, circulation, digestion and ultimately a person’s overall sense of wellbeing is profoundly impacted by being given the opportunity to stand. Of special significance is offering a growing and developing body the chance to stand. Upright standing with weight bearing through the legs at an age appropriate time in a child’s development is essential, regardless of whether the child can achieve this milestone on their own. Clinical research has shown that normal development of bones and muscles in growing children requires weight bearing. In fact, standing facilitates the formation of the hip joint in early development. So how do we get people who need a lot of support up on their feet for extended periods of time, so they can reap the benefits of standing? Standers! And standers that can offer a supportive place to sit with the pelvis and legs stabilized, a place to stand with the required support in place AND help with the sit to stand transfers eliminating the caregiver’s effort is even better. One piece of equipment whose versatility is able to meet many needs.

At we have Sit-to-Stand Standers for kids and adults. We have Sit-to-Stand Standers that can be self-propelled, that have a tray for use in sitting or standing, and that provide for required support in supine (support at back of user) standing as well as upright standing. If the person with special needs that you know has a daily standing program, it is a good idea to check out a Sit-to-Stand Stander.

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