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I Need To Move Around While Standing

The Freedom of Mobile Standers - Let’s Roll!

The Mobile Stander allows people with conditions such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury who are not able to stand and walk independently, the opportunity to become mobile while supported in the upright standing position. Like a manual wheelchair, the user pushes the wheels of the stander forwards and backwards to move but unlike a wheelchair the user is in the standing position, eye to eye and smile to smile with peers. Strength and endurance of the muscles responsible for postural control can be improved with regular use. The ability to bear weight and shift weight through the legs can also be improved. The activity of self-propulsion also has many benefits as users are independently mobile to explore and can perform activities of daily living from the standing position. Self-propulsion also encourages upper extremity and core strength and endurance and promotes functional range of motion of the upper extremities. Balance and righting responses are engaged helping the vestibular system to mature.

At you will find only the highest quality products from leading manufactures of special needs equipment such as Rifton and R82. You will find products by Easy Stand that offer innovative technology to assist with the sit to stand transfer. Also, by EasyStand is the state-of-the-art active standing frame, the Glider. Active standing provides lower body range of motion and upper body strengthening as users move the handles with their arms which creates a reciprocal movement of the legs. We have mobile standers that are appropriate for children through adults.

Life on Wheels can be Exciting!

Where should you start? The best place to start is always to talk to your therapist or your child’s therapist. We have therapists on staff here at as well who are able to offer customized advice for your unique situation and needs. To begin the process, please send us a size help request. Please provide all measurements possible for the best outcome.

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  1. EasyStand Bantam - Extra Small & Small Mobile
    EasyStand Bantam - Extra Small & Small Mobile
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  2. Rabbit Up
    Rabbit Up
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  3. Rifton Mobile Stander
    Rifton Mobile Stander
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