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Bikes & Trikes

Ride, Get Fit, and Have Fun! Special Needs Bikes and Tricycles

In the quest to ensure that your family member with special needs is as mobile and free to explore as possible, nothing compares to the opportunities bikes and trikes provide! At, we have a wide selection of top-quality adaptive tricycles, balance bikes, and foot and hand cycles for adults and kids with special needs. For people with mild to complex support needs, we’re more than happy to help you find just the right product to meet your needs. Shop our full selection of two- and three-wheel bikes for adults and kids below!

Adaptive bikes are a powerful therapy tools that can help improve a rider’s strength, endurance, and coordination. Other therapeutic benefits such as increasing range of motion, improving motor planning skills, reciprocal leg movement and general fitness can also be addressed. Bicycles are also an extremely effective tool for promoting inclusion in recreational and social situations. Read one of our therapist’s articles on the Therapeutic Benefits of Bikes to learn more.

Understanding the Different Options

Special Needs Tricycles have many of the same features as traditional tricycles with three wheels, but also offer additional support for sitting, pedaling and steering. Many adaptive tricycles also offer features that facilitate assistance from a caregiver. All are designed to make propelling a bike more accessible for children and adults with special needs. We also have No-Pedal Balance Bikes enabling individuals to master their balance on two wheels without adding the complexity of pedaling. Balance Bikes have introduced a whole new way for everyone to learn about balancing on two wheels whether or not you have special needs.

Foot and Hand Cycles require the rider to pedal with both their hands and their feet and are especially beneficial for individuals who have significant lower extremity weakness or impairment such as people with the diagnosis of spina bifida. They are a great option for strength & endurance training and improving range of motion for all extremities as arms and legs work together to move the tricycle forward. For adults with special needs, we recommend taking a look at our Adult Bike selection where you’ll find special needs three-wheelers just for grown-ups!

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  1. Triaid TMX, Special Needs Tricycle
    Triaid TMX, Special Needs Tricycle
    Regular Price $1,893.00 $1,893.00
    Sale Price $1,821.95
  2. AmTryke 12in. SMALL Special Needs Tricycle
    AmTryke 12in. SMALL Special Needs Tricycle
    Regular Price $1,126.32 $1,126.32
    Sale Price $1,065.95
  3. STRIDER™ 20x Sport Balance Bike
    STRIDER™ 20x Sport Balance Bike
    Regular Price $379.99 $379.99
    Sale Price $369.99

Items 13-17 of 17

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