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Meywalk MK4

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Product Description

The Meywalk Mk4 is the newest addition to the Meyland-Smith line of dynamic spring assist ambulation devices offered by Pacific Rehab in the USA. The distinguishing feature of the Meywalk MK4 is the Dynamic Saddle Seat- a suspended seat that allows for the natural motion of hip rotation and then gently helps to return the user back to their original starting position. The seat also has a rear stop to prevent the user from backing out of the seat.

The Mk4, like the other gait trainers in the Meywalk line, moves up and down with each step using a Dual Spring Assist System. The spring compresses on the weight bearing side facilitating heel strike to foot flat to toe off. The spring expands on the non-weight bearing side offering a lift assist for the swing through phase of the gait pattern. The Lever Lift Swing Bar allows caregivers to lower the seat unit to let the user in and out of the system at a seated wheel chair height. This feature minimizes strain on caregivers and ensures safety during transfers. Parking Brakes ensure the gait trainer does not move during transfers. Handlebars are angle adjustable for optimal upper extremity (arm) support. The simple design and tool free adjustments are appreciated by caregivers and therapists alike.

The MK4 is offered in two sizes Medium and Large accommodating user inseam measurements from 23.6 in.- 41 in. (60-104cm). Maximum weight capacity is 285 lbs. (130 kg) for both sizes. The Meywalk Mk 4 is appropriate for people with mild to moderate levels of physical involvement.

In the second dropdown box above labeled Add Accessories?, you will have the opportunity to purchase the Drag Brakes or the Non-Reverse Brakes and Anti-Tippers. Drag Brakes provide resistance to the forward motion of the gait trainer and slows the user’s walking speed. This can help improve a user’s postural control and steering during walking. Non-Reverse Brakes prevent the gait trainer from rolling backwards or from being pushed backwards by the user. This can be important on inclines. It can also be important for users who tend to push backwards in the gait trainer due to high extensor tone. Anti-Tippers are included with Non-Reverse Brakes for improved safety.

In the third dropdown box above labeled Front Swivel Wheel, you will have the opportunity to purchase Front Caster Directional Swivel Locks. This option prevents the casters from swiveling so the gait trainer moves forward in a straight line. This feature is great for beginners and users who have difficulty steering due to motor control issues. Lock is easily engaged/disengaged.

An upright standing position is beneficial for developing and improving joint integrity, strength, endurance, and overall organ system function. Being upright also contributes to a person’s overall sense of well-being. Gait-training can help people with special needs gain greater independence in mobility skills. This can allow them to more easily interact with their environment and other people.

Is this Product Right for You?

  • Dynamic Gait Trainer for people with mild to moderate levels of physical involvement
  • Two sizes accommodate user’s inseam measurements of 23.6 in.- 41 in. (60-104 cm)
  • Critical Measurements: Chest Circumference, Axilla Height, Inseam Height and User Weight
  • Questions? Our therapists can help you with a proper fit. To start please click SIZING HELP and complete a simple form, or call us toll free at (800) 371-2778

Meywalk Mk4 Standard Features Include:

  • Steel Tubing, Powder-Coated Frame
  • Height Adjustable Trunk Support Ring
  • Angle Adjustable Handlebar
  • Height Adjustable Dynamic Saddle Seat with Rear Stop
  • Lever Lift Swing Bar to raise and lower Dynamic Saddle Seat for transfers
  • Dual Spring Assist System for natural vertical motion during stepping and lift assist for swing through
  • Parking Brakes
  • Soft Solid Rubber Tires with service-free ball bearings

Click here to view Meywalk 4 User Manual!

Size Chart
Meywalk Mk4 Technical Specifications and Size Chart Medium Large
Length 36.6" (93 cm) 43.3" (110 cm)
Outer Width 24.4" (62 cm) 26.8" (68 cm)
Inner Width 19.7" (50 cm) 22.4" (57 cm)
Seat Height/Inner Leg Length (inseam)* 23.6"-33" (60-84 cm) 31.5"-41" (80-104 cm)
Trunk Support Height* (axilla) 39.8"-52.4" (101-133 cm) 47.2"-59.8"(120-152 cm)
Trunk Support Ring (W x D) 9.75" x 9.75" (24.8x24.8cm)  9.75" x 9.75" (24.8x24.8cm) 
Weight (without accessories) 70.5 lbs. (32 kg) 75 lbs. (34 kg)
Weight Capacity (Max Load) 285 lbs. (130 kg) 285 lbs. (130 kg)

* Critical Measurements


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