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Stationary Seating

Stationary Seating, Standard and Unique

The current trend towards active seating is not for everyone. Some people, with or without special needs, benefit from stable, stationary seating that stays in one place. For example, a Special Tomato® Floor Sitter with Wedge Base stays securely on the floor of a preschool classroom while classmates play and interact with a student positioned in it. No worries about wheels being unlocked by a helpful peer who wants to take their friend for a spin. Other chairs are purposefully designed to build the strength and endurance required from postural muscles to hold a static (unmoving) posture. For example, the Theradapt Posture Chair. Stationary special needs seating chairs come with all sorts of options for use at the table, during therapy, at school and beyond! Regardless of your child's postural needs, has the right chair for the job!

Whether you need a table-height chair, a floor chair, or a chair with a tray, you'll find an option here that will suit your needs. We have stationary chairs that adjust so that you can use them for mealtime, playtime, and relaxation. You'll also find fun options such as oversized reclining chairs and bean bag chairs that can help you create a safe, sensory-rich environment for therapy or hanging out at home. For educational environments, our team has hand-selected various adaptive classroom chairs that provide the right amount of support for learning and exploration. We even have a chair designed specifically for a child in a hip spica cast. Remember most of these chairs don't have wheels. Shop mobile seating for adaptive chairs with wheels.

Special Tomato Stationary Chairs

Special Tomato offers a fresh take on stationary seating by offering postural support systems that can be attached to stationary chairs that are already in the room! This makes ordinary household chairs into seats with enhanced postural support and safety features for individuals with special needs. Examples are the Special Tomato Out & About Seat™ (OAS) and the Recliner Support System (RSS). The Special Tomato Soft-Touch® Liners also work with household and classroom chairs. is staffed by a team of friendly and helpful therapists who can always assist you with finding the ideal products for your needs.

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  1. TherAdapt School Chair
    TherAdapt School Chair
    Regular Price $656.44 $656.44
    Sale Price $590.80
  2. Theradapt Adjustable Classroom Chair
    TherAdapt Adjustable Classroom Chair
    Regular Price $712.71 $712.71
    Sale Price $641.44
  3. Scallop by R82
    R82 Scallop
    Regular Price $193.00 $193.00
    Sale Price $173.70
  4. Smirthwaite Personal Hip Spica Chair
    Smirthwaite Personal Hip Spica Chair
    Regular Price $1,091.00 $1,091.00
    Sale Price $835.20
  5. Tumble Forms Feeder Seat
    Tumble Forms Feeder Seat
    Regular Price $346.94 $346.94
    Sale Price $280.95
  6. TherAdapt Odyssey Chair
    TherAdapt Odyssey Chair
    Regular Price $1,090.94 $1,090.94
    Sale Price $981.85
  7. Kaye Products  Kinder Chair
    Kaye Products Kinder Chair
    Regular Price $551.30 $551.30
    Sale Price $496.17
  8. Kaye Adjustable Benches
    Kaye Adjustable Benches
    Regular Price $288.44 $288.44
    Sale Price $259.60
  9. Kaye Corner Chair
    Kaye Corner Chair
    Regular Price $725.28 $725.28
    Sale Price $652.75
  10. Kaye Products T-Seat
    Kaye Products T-Seat
    Regular Price $279.77 $279.77
    Sale Price $251.79

Items 13-24 of 29

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