Sit-to-Stand Standers

Sit-to-Stand Standers are designed to offer therapy support in seated and standing positions. Transfers from sitting to and from standing is simple with this type of special needs equipment stander. This kind of special needs equipment stander benefits the user by allowing for less lifting transfers to make standing more frequently another therapy benefit.

Click here to view details from OttoBock & Leckey on the Importance of Standing!
EasyStand Bantam
Sale price: $2,048.95
Payments of: $341.49
EasyStand Evolv Medium
Sale price: $2,748.95
Payments of: $458.16
EasyStand Evolv Large
Sale price: $2,748.95
Payments of: $458.16
EasyStand Evolv XT
Sale price: $3,666.95
Payments of: $611.16
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Love Love Love this product, cannot express how it has changed our ability to go places in our rural community... Thank you for making our world a little bit easier.
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